Engagement Shoots

Romantic Forsyth Park Engagement Shoot – Savannah, Georgia – Ali & Aaron

Ali and Aaron had both signed up for a summer of service at a Christian summer camp. Aaron was coming from Tennessee and Ali was coming for Georgia. They were both placed on the same team and everyone was meeting up for leadership orientation, he was wearing shorts and a tee with a cowboy hat and legs that had never seen the sun, and she walked into the room with a dark tan and a “ready to take on the world attitude”. It was love.

For their proposal, Aaron took Ali to Daufuskie Island, where she grew up going on vacation. As a girl, she always dreamed of getting engaged there and got to experience her dream come true when her best friend got down on one knee. She had told him early on in their relationship about this special place that, as a girl, she dreamed of either being married or engaged. It was a small area of beach on the beautiful Daufuskie Island, South Carolina. She said she loved it because of the driftwood that littered the beach. He called his parents and then hers and then several of their mutual friends and begged for their help to decorate her backyard. The end result was truly something off of Pinterest! While they were decorating Ali and Aaron took a water taxi to Daufuskie for a “simple lunch date”. Now came the hard part. He had to somehow get her to talk about and suggest to go to this special place on the island that he had never actually been to. So after sweet nothings were said on a private driftwood beachfront, Ali agreed to marry Aaron. On the way back home he told her that they had dinner reservations at a fancy restaurant, but he thinks that she was more excited by all of her friends and family ready to party in the backyard!

Thank you to Michele Houston Photography for sharing these images with us.

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