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14th century cottage wedding – Lydia & Neil

Lydia and Neil were both members of a sailing club based in Hammersmith, London, but they actually first met on the back of a yacht during a club trip to Croatia. Neil swam back to his boat, tried to go to sleep, couldn’t – for thinking about Lydia(!) – then swam back to her boat. It was very debonair.

For the proposal, in Neil’s words: “I picked a beautiful, wild beach in Dorset, that was wilder than expected due to the Force 9 gale that rolled in from the Atlantic!! I picked it because we’d both sailed past it and I knew Lydia didn’t want anything tacky. I got down on one knee, asked her, and then swiftly blamed my tears on the wind!!”

Their wedding theme was based on an English country cottage garden / Ibiza. The former as it was set in Lydia’s mum’s 14th century Suffolk cottage. The latter because her man of honour made a big white beach club style bunting. He also choreographed the most beautiful flower arranging and table-scaping.

Lydia says that the hardest part of wedding planning was having a 6-month-old baby whilst dress shopping. “Most shops were really sweet but there was one that was really haughty and tried to boot us out an arranged appointment.” That is SO not on in our opinion! Hearing that made me so angry (having a 10-month-old baby myself and another on the way in 7 weeks time can make emotions run a bit higher than normal, haha!). Weddings are about bringing people together as a family and a baby is a huge part of a family so it’s awful to think that there are places which aren’t as inclusive as they certainly should be!

If you’ve got any advice for brides with babies, then please comment below, we’d love to hear from you!

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