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5 Wedding Trends for 2019

We’d like to introduce Alessandra De Maio, the wedding planner at Le Petit O as our newest regular blog contributor. You may remember her from a recent article about why you should hire a destination wedding planner. This lovely Italian lady is here to provide you with some insights into the wedding industry on a monthly basis so keep your eyes peeled for more interesting articles over the next few months!

As an insider, having the chance to look at new wedding trends in advance, is always thrilling. I spend two days in Milan, wandering around the city and taking notes at The Love Affair, a wedding fair taking place twice a year, where exhibitors challenge themselves with a common surprise theme to develop each in their own unique way. This time it was “Light the shadow”.

It is always exciting to see different talents from all around Italy meeting there and offers to both couples and other wedding professionals a glimpse of their work and creativity. It is quite precious. Curious to have a forecast about wedding trends for 2019? Read on…

The Dark Side Of Love

2019 seems to be dominated by edgy tones: the classic white meets a whole range of grey shades, explores the synergy with black and explodes into berry red and forest green. All textiles, from the bridal dresses to groom’s attires and linen fabrics, tell the story of a deep and quite intimate colour research.

dark side of love dark side of love2 dark side of love3 dark side of love 4

Less Is More

This rule is so true when it comes to weddings. As a wedding planner, I have to accommodate what couples request and dream about, but also adjust to their budget… My advice is always the same: choose quality over quantity. I am glad that I have seen exhibitors’ stands where my eyes could just lean without struggling, focusing on all tiny details instead. Everyone privileged a small selection of their masterpieces and this enabled them to really tell the story behind. The same goes for you: if you do not make people feel overwhelmed, the will really value what you chose for telling the story of your wedding instead.

less is more less is more2 less is more3

Vintage Atmospheres

Velvet and patterns stolen from the 70s, black and white duality from the 60s, pastel shades and precious details from the 50s, geometries and gold shimmers from the 20s. The rule is no rules. Mix and matches are allowed, bold combinations appreciated. Looking back to the past and playing with it has never been so trendy….

vintage vintage2 vintage3

Written in the stars

Moon and sun are as a couple are such a romantic story, right? Constellations, satellites and horoscope signs are one of the biggest buzzes in the wedding industry. Dark shades enriched by shimmers of gold and silver, vintage illustrations and contemporary design will add a bit of mystery to your wedding theme. 

written in the stars written in the stars2


Visiting The Love Affair is an experience itself and it is a good metaphor of what you should look for when planning your wedding. Have you ever visited an exhibition and, although finding it interesting and useful, had the feeling of a “cold” event? Well, the same happens when you plan something for your wedding considering your guests just like bystanders. Weddings should be engaging and interactive, should be inclusive, emotional and funny for everyone, not just for the couple. Of course, it is your own big day, but consider adding some details or performances that would really make people really feeling active part of it and positively remembering it. 

experiences experiences2

Photographs by Valentina Fraccaroli Storyteller

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