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A romance and dreamy breakfast in the Mezzogiorno gallery

The castle of San Sebastiano da Po, a place full of history and unconventional beauty situated on the top of a hill just outside Turin, Italy is the location of this styled shoot. The premise was an intimate, delicate breakfast before a love meeting in the Mezzogiorno Gallery, the perfect place for a dreamy boudoir with a table full of fruits, flowers and delights.

The predominant colors, almost emerald green and light pink, are also presenting the castle, from the ancient walls to some precious details, and in the surrounding nature impregnated with timeless perfumes. The styled shoot team combined the intimate feeling of the poppy with the texture of the craft cards, on which the love words were written and accompanied a beautiful engagement ring.

An emerald green, lace dress fit the model perfectly, ready for the appointment with her lover. A cascade of brightly colored flowers gave the final touch to the outfit and to the location. Everything looked wonderful, and the midday light played its part.

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Photographer: Purewhite Photography // Venue: Castello di San Sebastiano da PO // Event Stylist: Romina Rezza // Floral Designer: Mutabilis Lab // Dress & Shoes: Elena Pignata // Calligrapher: Cecilia Boschi // Jewellery: MyGoldenAge // Paper & Ribbons: Extraction Project // Makeup Artist: Emily Dadda

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