A Surprise Proposal at a Southern Plantation – Humboldt, Tennessee – Jordan & Chris

Jordan and Chris have been together for over three years, and it’s easy to see that they are completely smitten with each other.

Chris had every detail planned out when he arrived, and he planned everything with photographs in mind! The proposal took place at Twin Oaks which is is a beautifully renovated southern plantation home in the heart of Humboldt, Tennessee. Its name comes from the two-hundred-year-old oak trees that bookend the gorgeous white antebellum home. The area around the home is pretty open, with a few trees and some fencing.

Jordan, Chris, and both of their families would be arriving soon for a tour of the venue. Chris’s family was visiting all the way from Georgia, and even though Chris and Jordan weren’t yet engaged, Jordan’s mom had “talked them all into going” to the venue just to see if it might be a good fit for their wedding one day in the future. Jordan’s family has a relative that does all of the venue’s decorating, so this helped add to the plausibility of the outing being a perfectly normal thing! Jordan’s mom also encouraged Jordan to wear something nice, because both families would be going out to dinner later in the evening.

Toward the end of their tour, the photographer casually approached the group of Jordan’s and Chris’s families and introduced herself. She let them know that she was a photographer, and was on the grounds that day helping Karl come up with some ideas for a spread in this editorial that would feature a beautiful couple at Twin Oaks. She nonchalantly nodded to Chris and Jordan, asked them a few questions about who they were and what they were up to, and nicely asked if they wouldn’t mind coming with her for a minute so that she could get a few shots of a beautiful couple in a few spots around the front of the old house, to show Karl what she had in mind. They happily agreed, and Jordan had absolutely no idea what Chris was up to!

The photographer took them around to the front of the old antebellum plantation home, asked them a few questions about their relationship, joked around with them, and got to know them. They were more than happy to oblige being cute and spontaneous, and made for wonderful models! She told them that she wanted to wrap up the shots at the edge of the sidewalk in front of the home so she could get a wide angle shot of the two of them with the gorgeous white house in the background. Chris and the photographer had previously come up with a signal to use, knowing that this would be the place where he would drop to one knee and pop the question.

Jordan and Chris were told to walk toward the camera, holding hands, and just smile and talk like it was an average day. Chris had a big time keeping the ring box hidden in his vest pocket – bless his heart! When we reached “the spot”, the photographer backed up several feet, took a test shot, and got ready to give the signal, only, she couldn’t – because her lens had stopped working! She made it very clear to both of them that she needed to clean my lens very quickly and for them to take a small breather whilst she cleaned and reattached it. She ran back to the same spot, snapped a few frames, and then gave the signal: “Ok, you two, I just need to get ONE more!”

Chris looked at Jordan and smiled, bent down, and pulled a ring box out of his vest pocket. Jordan gasped. It took her a minute to realise what was going on. They laughed and this beautifully special moment was all caught on camera!

In the moments that followed, Jordan and Chris’s families rushed out of the old plantation home to hug their children, taking turns beaming and laughing and joking about how everyone knew what was happening except for Jordan, and ogling at her gorgeous engagement ring.

There was so much joy and laughter at Twin Oaks that day, and in the end, the most beautiful surprise proposal story was captured. You see, Chris knew how important this moment was to Jordan. He knew that she would cherish having these memories documented on film, and he knew just the way to surprise her. 

Thank you to Honeysuckle & Wine Photography for sharing these images with us.

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