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Adam’s Vineyard Engagement – Victoria & Brian

Victoria says that she remembers first having contact with Brian “at work in Spring of 2015. We were “email buddies” at work, and didn’t cross paths until our first day in a new building in June…very “You’ve Got Mail.” I serendipitously bumped into Brian in the breakroom that morning. He was handsome and witty, but it was nothing more than a little crush at the time. We started dating within a few months, which sparked the beginning of the best love story I’ll ever come to know.”
This happy couple love to explore! From the mountains to the sea, there’s no rock to be unturned. They push each other to try new things. He took her paintballing for her first time and she loved it! Victoria pushes him to try new foods… and he hasn’t regretted it yet! Even when they’re home, they are constantly trying to experience new activities, games, movies and music together, sometimes revisiting old favourites. At the end of the day, they celebrate their differences and love to see how they bring them closer!
According to Victoria, it wasn’t one big 80s-romance moment, but 100 little moments that no one else saw that made her realise that Brian was the one. “I get sick a lot, and he showed up to see me in the hospital on his lunch break once when I was really ill…before we started dating. I don’t really remember much, but I remember the relief I felt when I saw him. I remember how much he enjoyed “The Martian” in theaters on our first date and how much I enjoyed his happiness. Our first “I love you”s when I was crying over an unsalvagable haircut (and in honesty over more serious things I had going on). The moments where I got vulnerable and was afraid to see his reaction, yet every time he made me feel valid. These moments, and so many more were the moments I knew I couldn’t be without him again.”
Brian proposed two weeks after they had bought their first house together, on their anniversary! “He took me to an elegant Italian dinner, then had the living room set up when we got home after I took a few minutes to unwind from dinner. He led me out into the room which was completely candle lit. The song Falling in Love with You played and he asked me to dance. In the middle of the song, he talked about all the hardships we had overcome together in such a short time and got down on one knee. He said he didn’t want to spend his life with anyone else, even after I asked “are you sure”  and I said yes 🙂 Without my knowledge, he recorded the whole thing to share with our family the next day.”
Her engagement ring is the band and side stones from her grandparent’s proposal, they just celebrated their 56 year anniversary!! To complete the band is her mother’s wedding diamond, she gave Brian the ring on the night he asked Victoria’s parents for her hand. The ring hasn’t been worn in decades, and Brian gave it new life. He had it sized perfectly, cleaned and shined without any of Victoria’s knowledge.

For their engagement session, Victoria wore a long sleeve lace top styled with a gorgeous flowing jean type skirt and handmade flower crown, and this gorgeous session took place at Adam’s Vineyard in Fuquay. The grapevines were turning gorgeous autumn colours and even held a few last of the season grapes to pick.

Thank you to Bluebell Photography for sharing these images with us!

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