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Affordable Pink Palm Tropical Beach Bouquet

Your theme, tropical. The season, winter. Your budget, slowly thinning. The possibility of your wedding looking like paradise, 100%. Fresh cut tropical flowers and leaves can turn almost any venue into a tropical oasis. The catch, if you aren’t located in a tropical location your florist will have to fly them in… aka expensive.

Thankfully, artificial flowers and leaves are always in season and won’t break the bank. LeAnne Samuelson, Afloral’s creative director, loves working with artificial tropical flowers and greenery. “They are so versatile! You can use them as wedding decor or in bouquets. They also add a unique look and character to arrangements, most are oversized and interesting. The fake ones look identical,” she says. Identical, unless dyed pink! With dried or artificial flowers, your color possibilities are endless.

Samuelson designed two affordable tropical beach arrangements to last long after your perfect day. With artificial peonies, roses, hibiscus, two types of eucalyptus, and dyed pink palms you could have your beach and your budget too. 

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