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Amazing Backyard Wedding – Amber & Leonard

Leonard and Amber met online and when he first saw her his thought was, “Wow, she’s beautiful and classy! I bet she’d make a great wife!” They spent about two years sending each other occasional messages but Amber was always too “busy” to meet in person (in reality, she was just hesitant). So finally one day, Leonard said he was just going to bring Amber flowers, even if it only meant he would get to meet her for just a minute. She obliged, and they compromised on dinner (though Amber brought her own food, just in case ). They fell in love that night and never looked back!

About a year later, Amber and Leonard were preparing for the Air Force Ball. Leonard had bought Amber a dress and rented a limo. Upon arriving at the resort, Amber noticed her favourite flowers surrounding the gazebo outside and suggested they go outside and take a couple of pictures. She didn’t realise that Leonard had pre-arranged the decorations, and she was falling into his trap!  He then gave Amber an envelope of scratch-off lottery tickets, “A congratulatory treat, for recent, successful job interview”, and one of the tickets was actually an imitation, and matched three diamonds! The reward revealed the words, “Will you marry me?” When she turned around, Leonard was down on one knee and Amber said, “Yes, yes, yes!”

Amber and Leonard’s wedding took place over Memorial Day Weekend. It was outrageously hot and humid in South Carolina, but they couldn’t have asked for a better backyard wedding. The land where they got married belongs to a family friend that occasionally lets people get married there. The little island connected by a covered bridge looks just adorable – the perfect setting for a wedding.  

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Photographer: Nikki Morgan Photography, LLC // Event Planner: Amber Watson Weddings // Makeup Artist: Makeup by Casey B // Favours & Gifts: The Flower Gallery & Gifts


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