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Art District Engagement – Lindsey & Molly

Lindsey and Molly met through a mutual friend who thought that they would be a good fit for each other, and she was right! They make each other better people and continue to grow together every day. Lindsey says that she loves that Molly is always up to try new things with her, and she makes every situation fun! Nobody can make her laugh like Molly does. Their favourite thing to do together is trying new restaurants and/or cook new recipes.

Molly proposed at a beautiful lake right before sunset. Lindsey says that they “had been on dates to the lake before so I was not expecting it. It was a few weeks before Christmas and I thought we were going there for a date night/exchanging gifts. Molly had a playlist of all of my favourite songs – we danced for a bit (not unusual for us, so I still was not expecting anything) and after the last song played she proposed. I was shocked!”

Lindsey mentioned she liked oval cut rings, so Molly researched until she found one that was the cut and style Lindsey wanted. Lindsey says “it’s absolutely perfect! I can tell Molly really put a lot of time into finding something that was unique and exactly my style.”

Thank you to C. Baron Photography for sharing these photos with us.

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