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Atlanta Botanical Garden Wedding – Mehgan & William

Mehgan and William meet through a mutual friend. It all started while Mehgan was studying for her Masters at Georgia Tech. Going through the program, it’s not an oddity to hear of and “get to know” the people in the classes before you as it’s a small program. It wasn’t until her clinical rotation in Savannah, June 2015, that the head physicist and all of the dosimetrists kept mentioning and commenting about students from two years prior: Will and Tyler. “Will and Tyler would do this, Will did that, Remember when…?” (You get it). It would have seemed that these two dudes were the coolest cats in town; Hearing the stories, clearly they were! It was at the point that Mehgan would have her own joke back and say, “Oh! What were their names, Nick and Cole?” Forever in her head as Nick and Cole, forever the clinical hotshots of GTMP 2013.

Fast forward to when she started her internship at Elekta in January 2016. Her mentor and now very best friend Kyle Patton would talk to her about his friends who graduated from the Tech MP program. He would provide updates about what they were all doing, etc. – really helping her to prepare for her future in the field. He mentioned that “One of the head trainers for Mobius (a company with in the field)” lives in his building – and he knew everything and graduated with him from Tech. In her head she was thinking, “This is perfect! I can make a quick networking contact for the future.” Shortly after, there came a time when she needed assistance with the Mobius software. Kyle said, “Give this guy a call. He will definitely get it figured out. His name is Will Boone. He has the best phone voice EVER and he is funny.”

When she did get in touch with Will on the phone, introduced herself, and began to ask questions regarding the software workflow – still pertaining to work, she realised that Kyle was right – he is charming, funny, and extremely intelligent – and DOES have the best phone voice – very sexy. She went upstairs from the linac, still being professional, and told Kyle that they should get drinks with Will so she can make a contact in the field. After pestering Kyle for about three days, he agreed to have them over to his place for drinks.

As she was buying a bottle of wine to bring over, she finally realised – THIS IS THE WILL. She searched on Facebook for THE Will and low and behold – she was right (and somewhat ashamed it took her this long). Laughing at herself, she drove over to the Buckhead high rise thinking “Ugh, there is no way I am going to like this guy. He is too much of a known hot shot. Ugh.” After knocking on the door, a 6 foot 2 inch, devilishly handsome William Boone answers the door. Awkward Mehgan exclaims, “I know you!” Will, looking extremely confused, was like “Yeah?” After walking in and sitting on the couch, she went through the whole prelude with both Will and Kyle. For the rest of the night Will and Mehgan hit it off – it was like they had been friends for years and as if Kyle wasn’t even there.
At the end of the night, Will tried to give Mehgan his phone numbers – work and personal. Clearly, not understanding what Will was trying to do (and still keeping it professional), she said, “I have your work phone, that should be good! If I have questions I’ll call you there.” It wasn’t until 2 months later that he finally had her phone number and their story began!

In such a swift and dramatic way, Will has gotten Mehgan out of a previous black-and-white mindset, has gotten her dreaming and pushing her boundaries of comfort and trying new things, and most importantly has gotten her to love herself. From travelling to across the entire world to places like Hong Kong to the times where they binge watch Netflix all weekend, and every time in between – Mehgan says that Will truly has made her a better version of herself and pushed her to have experiences that would have gone by the wayside if he was not by her side supporting her. She continues to want these new, self-learning, and life changing experiences with him.

For their proposal, they went to Mehgan’s home town of West Palm Beach FL. Will asked to go watch the sunrise on September 3rd, 2017. She said – though reluctantly at first – YES!!! Growing up in FL, ashamedly, she had never seen a sunrise because she likes to sleep in. And neither had he. Little did she know that was going to be the most important yes in her life. Of course, the first being, when he got down on one knee on the beach while the sun was rising and asking, “Mehgan, will you marry me?”

They wanted their wedding to be traditional in the sense that they didn’t want to know what time of year we got married based off the pictures – so no themed colours pertaining to season. Very muted tones and they really wanted the beauty of the garden to stand out. One of their very first dates was to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens so it was a no brainer that they wanted their first day as husband and wife to be there as well. They wanted it to be comfortable and traditional for the ceremony but also the biggest party of their lives for the reception.

For Mehgan’s wedding dress, she knew that she wanted something classic and timeless (Almost like a Jackie O/royal family inspired). “I went with a halter Ed top with a lace covering for the ceremony and for the reception took the lace covering off. It was as if I had a second dress. I very much wanted something to fit by body as if it was made just for me – like a glove essentially and it did!”

Will picked out a tux. He mentioned that he was going to dress for the best day of his life. So he also went for something classic with a bow tie. In college he used to wear bow ties to football games at Hampden Sydney College and then again at Georgia Tech. So it was not of the ordinary for the choice of a bow tie. To make it easy for the grooms men and my dad we went to Men’s Warehouse since the party didn’t live in the same area and it was a national store. However they wore regular ties.

When it came to the bridesmaid’s attire, Mehgan sent them shades of dusty rose to champagne and said have at it. They were responsible for picking out their own dresses. The body type and skin completion were so different that she didn’t want to force them to purchase something maybe they would not wear again or not feel comfortable in, also to have the happy couple make one less major decision. It worked out really nicely, and of course they reached out to see if it was ok.

Food and venue were the most important wedding decisions in the beginning and probably next came the decor. That took most of the splurging.

Will says that by far, his favourite part of their wedding day was the ceremony. “To me, it was like something out of a dream. In my head, I had visited the venue several times, been to all the walkthroughs, and been trying to picture it for months – but when it all actually happened, I was blown away. I had been against a first look, so it was actually my first time seeing my wife in her dress as she walked down the aisle with her father. From the moment the music started, to exchanging the vows we had each written, and up to us walking back down the aisle together – I will never forget how happy I was every last second – and how perfectly everything went. I honestly don’t remember thinking about anything else but how I excited I was to marry my very best friend during the entire ceremony as opposed to even thinking about any of the upcoming logistics. It was the perfect start to one of the very best days of my life.”

And Mehgan’s best moment by far was being able to see and kiss Will for the first time that day, especially as husband and wife. “Easily the best day of my life. We decided to not do a first look so the first time we saw each other was when I walked down the aisle. Prior to that, my mother helped me to get ready and put my dress on and my father and I had some time to take photos and that was very special. The ceremony turned into a large dance party, and I love to dance!”

For their wedding favours, Mehgan and Will wanted to hand out something practical and utility. They’re fans of craft beer and decided to make koozies. They were related to their favourite tv show – Arrested Development. A quote from the show being “Marry me!”. They were orange like the writing of the title from the show and had a photo of them saying “Boone family” – also from the opening title of the show.

As a personal detail, as Wills mother had passed away in 2014. They made sure to have her portrait at a spot for her at the ceremony and the dinner table. They also placed photos of other family members who had passed recently at the dinner table – such as both their grandmothers.

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Photography: Chris Kruger Photography // Ceremony Venue: Atlanta Botanical Garden // Event Planning: Sofia Ocampo for Chancey Charm Atlanta // Floral & Catering: Bold Catering & Design // Entertainment: Judah Press Entertainment // Officiant: Sensational Ceremonies // Calligraphy: Her Hand Letter // Other Services: Something New for I Do // Hair & Makeup: Brushworx Hair and Makeup // Wedding Dress & Veil: Sweet Elegance Bridal // Groom’s Attire: Black by Vera Wang // Bride’s Shoes: Keds for Kate Spade // Submitted via: Matchology

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