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Beach Engagement – Raven & Brian

Brian and Raven met through the internet, although Raven says that Brian will tell you a different story. She says that she knew she loved him from around the time of their third date. “There was just something about him that told me he was “the one” very early on. The confidence in which he carried himself, the way he looked at me. I can’t pinpoint the moment but I know it was early on.”

“Brian proposed in the best way. His favorite holiday is St. Patrick’s day, so we went to Houston with some friends to celebrate. The day started early with golf for the guys and then we went to our hotel to change. While we were there we donned our St. Paddy’s day swag, including a necklace with a pot of gold attached for me. The pot of gold had something written in Irish on it, but I figured it just said “kiss me, I’m Irish” or something. Turns out I was supposed to inquire to what it said early on. We went to dinner, then to a pub where Brian finally asked me to translate what my pot of gold said. Turns out it said, “Will you marry me?” OBVIOUSLY, I said yes, then asked where the ring was. It was in the pot of gold! The one I had been wearing around my neck all day! It was perfect.”

“My ring is a gorgeous rose and white gold Veraggio. The center stone is an Amora gem, which is a diamond alternative essentially made of stardust. Next to the center stone are two smaller diamonds, then there are diamond bits down the sides. It has beautiful filigree and a hidden gem under the big stone. Its completely gorgeous and exactly what I wanted.”

Thank you to J. Sparks Photography for sharing these images with us.

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