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Biltmore Surprise Proposal – Chloe & Ben

Ben and Chloe went to the same high school and knew of each other but never spent time together. He was a football player and she was in the band. Fast forward five years, they reconnected through friends while Chloe was in town for the holidays and they’ve been inseparable since. One thing that really brought them together was their value of family. “We both value and cherish family time. Also food. We really love food.”

Ben was planning on proposing to his love for quite a while, and finally got his chance for a romantic proposal on their trip to Asheville. He wanted to be away from the crowds, to allow for some privacy. He told Chloe a month before about his desire to go to The Biltmore. She had a feeling something big would happen. “We arrived at the Biltmore and I remember texting my friends saying “I don’t see a ring box in his pocket!” with crying emojis. During the tour, Ben started getting really nervous and rushed. We were not close to the end of the tour but he really wanted to see the sunset. We walked around the corner, he stopped to hug me, and his heart was racing. I don’t remember much else but saying yes! Afterwards he surprised me with all our family and friends at a local Italian restaurant. It was perfect.”

“The ring is my grandmothers, Chloe Owens. She is still living but is in the later stages of Alzheimer’s. She gave me my name, taught me about everything, and, now, gave me her symbol of love. The only changes Ben made to the ring was resizing it.”

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Photographer: Meghan Rolfe Photography // Venue: Biltmore

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