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Boho Inspired Sedona Engagement at Red Rock Crossing – Chascity & Leo

People travel from afar to bask in the golden desert sun at Sedona, take in the wonder and soothing vortex. Understandably so, being surrounded by those Red Rocks are awe-inspiring and can take your breath away. It’s those very Red Rocks that brought Leo and Chascity to live in Arizona, all the way from the East coast. They’re both adventurers at heart, and the desert was calling their name; it seemed only fitting that they’d commit their lives to each other in such a wondrous spot, next year.

The day of their engagement session was veiled with a soft overcast sky, a gentle breeze and the park was calm. Chascity and Leo and their sweet and energetic rescue dog, Toby, love taking long hikes and enjoy the great outdoors. Toby wanted nothing more than to take a dip in the fresh running waters and lead the way, but he refrained, trying very hard to maintain his patience and reluctantly he waited as his humans spent some lovely time together having their photographs taken.

They ventured their way to the creek, where they took a quiet moment to snuggle up at the base of Cathedral Rock. They curled up in each other’s arms, and Leo ran his fingers gently through Chascity‚Äôs  hair. And then they danced. Barefoot on the warm red rocks.

Thank you to Copper Hill Photography for sharing these images with us. We love engagement shoots with dogs!

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  1. Candace

    January 16th, 2018 at 7:26 am

    Absolutely stunning photos. And the backdrop…WOW.
    There is no doubt, Arizona is a beautiful place.

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