Borderland State Park Anniversary – Jess & Andrew

Jess and Andrew met through mutual friends at a birthday party, and she says that she knew he was the one “when he planned this absolutely amazing 21st birthday for me. We had a private plane tour of Southern California, he rented a limo to take us around town and we had dinner at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant The London. He had put so much thought into making my day so incredible!” They both love food and say that they always plan their trips around great food and drinks. Trying new and unique foods is one of their favourite things to do!

Andrew proposed in Oahu, Hawaii. “We had talked about getting married, and I had chosen some rings I liked to give him an idea but I didn’t know it was coming so soon! We hiked to a waterfall, and at the base of the falls he took my hands and just looked at me, so lovingly and started getting teary-eyed. He didn’t have to say a word, I could feel everything without anything being said.” Jess’s engagement ring is made up of a few round diamonds, just under 1 carat. It’s a VS2 quality ring so it sparkles like no one’s business! And then she has two matching wedding bands, with the same round diamonds halfway around on each.

This lovely couple celebrated their one year anniversary with a fall New England session, they’ve already been married for a year “and it was the most amazing day! We were engaged for a year and a half, which most definitely helped lessen the stress.”

Thank you to Brooke Ellen Photography for sharing these joyful images with us.

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