Botanical Garden Proposal – St. Louis, Missouri – Madeleine & Jarrod

Jarrod worked for weeks with the photographer to make this proposal absolutely perfect (even though he hated keeping this secret from her and sneaking around to do walkthroughs!). Madeline was so surprised and everyone was flooded with emotion! It was a gorgeous moment between two people who are so obviously in love.

See below for their story, told from Madeleine’s perspective:

“Sweet as Honey”

“In 2016, while studying court reporting and stenography, I was searching for a college job that would work with my school schedule. One night while chatting with my best friend, Bailey, she suggested I work for Adventure Club, an after-school care program that she herself was in as a child. Roughly a month later, at Warped Tour with Bailey, I got a confirmation phone call offering me an Adventure Club position at Hanna Woods Elementary school. The first day of school came, and the first week or two passed in a blur. Meanwhile, I had heard students mentioning a teacher named Mr Honey who was tall enough that he had to duck down to walk through doorways. When I saw Mr Honey for the first time, he indeed did have to duck to get through the doorway, but what I wasn’t expecting was how red my face got when I saw how adorable this man was. Coworkers teased me about “the cute teacher”, my best friends Abby and Bailey and I talking about him incessantly, and a friend even joked one day saying, “Just talk to him! What if you had a chance with Mr Honey?” After daily staring, smiling, & blushing from a distance during dismissal, the sunny afternoon came when Mr Jarrod Honey officially introduced himself to me. I was a stuttering and awkward disaster, and I was smitten, to say the least. Getting to know the other and a casual date to The Loop for dinner and window shopping was the start of what I now know is the greatest blessing I’ve ever received. Our relationship blossomed as we grew closer and we also grew to know the other’s family. In late summer of 2018, Jarrod had planned a date night for us at the Missouri Botanical Gardens to see the Flora Borealis light show, which I was thrilled to see because I adore plants and flowers. We grabbed dinner out and started exploring the gardens before the sunset and the event started. I wanted to visit the greenhouse with succulents and the Ottoman Garden which are my favourite spots, and he didn’t seem opposed. As we walked past the gorgeous fountain the in middle of the Ottoman Garden that takes my breath away, Jarrod stopped me and told me he had a question for me. “Madeleine Joy, will you me make me the happiest man in the world?” Having had him ask me that question before, I answered, “Of course.” I was entirely clueless, to say the least. He knelt down in front of me and asked if I would marry him. I couldn’t believe my eyes, and the rest of the world seemed to melt away at that moment. I barely remembered to say yes through complete shock and happy tears. A friend of the Honey family, brilliant photographer, and owner of SunRae Photography, Hannah Anderson, was there capturing our special moment. Hannah did a fabulous photo session with us after Jarrod proposed for which I will always be thankful. My Honey pulled off the surprise of a lifetime, and it could not have been more magical!”

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Photographer: SunRae Photography, LLC // Venue: Missouri Botanical Gardens

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