Boudoir Riviera Maya – Mexico – Brianna

There’s a new trend coming around where the bride-to-be is doing a boudoir shoot on the day of her wedding! This Boudoir Riviera Maya with Brianna was certainly the icing on her fiancé’s wedding cake!

Brianna and Andres met in college and started off as many other couples, friends. However, after spending so much time together, it was hard for them to deny that there was a definite click between them. They both knew it, but it was Andres, who made the first move, by asking Brianna if he could kiss her. To which she replied, “What?” A little note, Andres asked her in Spanish. After a few more attempts, he switched to English, and Brianna’s reply was a quick, “Yes”.

Over the past 5 years, they have explored their relationship, each other, and the shared dream to journey through life together. So when Andres popped the big question, in English this time, Brianna was over the roof! When it was time for Brianna to start planning the wedding, she wanted to include something very special for her most important man.

On their wedding day, while the wedding party, friends and family were all getting ready, Brianna had something else up her sleeve! She had planned to make a sensual and very sexy boudoir session to gift Andres after the wedding! 

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Photographer: Quetzal Wedding Photo // Venue: Azul Fives Resort // Event Planner: Azul Five by Karisma


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