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Bright Spring Bridal Shower Brunch – Jennifer & Tyler

This warm and bright bridal brunch took part on a cold and snowy April day, with a colour palette of gold and pink, and lots of goodies and treats made by her parents and bridal party. Guests were greeted with mimosas decorated with berry filled ice cubes, and golden cutlery and gold rimmed plates added to the intimate glamour feel of the day. The girls played guessing games as well as bridal shower bingo. Each of them also got an oversized ring to wear as part of a game as well.

Before each of the guests left the party, they got to pick some goodies from the adorable doughnut table filled with the couples favourite treats. All in all, it was a cosy afternoon with family and friends, celebrating Jennifer’s upcoming marriage.

Tyler and Jennifer were setup by a mutual friend/co-worker. She had moved to Kitchener six months before they met because she wanted to have a change of scenery and hit the refresh button on her life. Hoping for new friends, and new experiences! The day Jennifer moved she remembers her dad and herself having a conversation about leaving and starting fresh…. she told him jokingly “don’t worry dad I’ll be back, I’ll probably meet a Stratford guy and be home again soon”… She had lived in Stratford area 3/4 of her life and never dated locally. It was shortly after new years, everyone at work was talking about resolutions, but Jennifer never made them because she never kept them. But she decided that her resolution for 2016 would be to become more open to opportunities that came her way, whatever they were. To enjoy experiences wholeheartedly and be more positive about her life! This sounds like an amazing new years resolution to us!! Her co-worker said to her one day “since you’re being so “open” to the idea of having new experiences, would you be interested in being set up? I know this guy that you might really like?”  She accepted, not having a clue what she might be getting into, but she told herself that she didn’t want to regret that chance of possibly meeting someone who could change her life forever! They met for coffee a few weeks later, and the rest was history!  

When it came to their engagement, Jennifer says it was not as smooth-sailing as the initial courtship. He had planned a great dinner at an Italian restaurant in town, and then a winter stroll in the park to his favourite childhood spot.  But the weather really inhibited those plans. “Dinner was fantastic; however, when we got to the park it was so bitterly cold and windy it took quite a bit of convincing for him to get me out of the truck! Eventually, he did, and we walked over to this really pretty spot overtop of rocks and frozen pond. I had to hide within a cluster of trees just to keep away from the wind.  There, he got down on one knee and began to tell me all the reasons why I meant so much to him. He pulled to box out from his pocket and opened it up to show me the ring… and I decided to pull it out and put it on myself!!! I don’t know what I was thinking? Blame it on shock! Needless to say, I did say yes!! But I think he had planned this night much differently in his head. We were both excited and knew we were beginning the best journey together.”

This happy couple is getting married in a couple of weeks and Jennifer says “I love that time of year when spring is just touching on summer and everything is very fresh and plush, and the flowers are in full bloom! I just love the beauty of everything outside transforming! So it was only natural that my inspiration behind the wedding reflect all the things I love about this time of year! I’m definitely a girly girl that loves chic and elegance, with a  twist of fun, so I chose my colour palette around spring colours and greenery with some touches of sparkle!”

Thank you to Brilliant Images for sharing these photos with us.

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