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Burnt Dress & Broken Heels – 10 year vow renewal

Imagine having been married for ten wonderful years, making memories and ticking things off your bucket list together. Then you decide to renew your vows and book a flight to Hawaii with your closest relatives. Then it comes to the big day, you wake up early to prepare and everything is going smoothly until you iron your dress and burn it!! You try to fix it but nothing can be done, so you think to yourself “this can be fixed with photoshop”. You’ve scheduled a photo shoot to take place before your ceremony and you’re rushing because you’re way behind your schedule. You meet the photographer and start walking but within literally ten seconds, your heel snaps and breaks!

This sounds like a recipe for disaster but we’re firm believers that bad things are sent to test us, and we simply love some of these first images because this super cool couple managed to handle everything very patiently and gracefully. Nina just shook it off and bought some more shoes – that’s certainly one way to make the day extra special and memorable! You can see the bond between this happy couple from their candid moments.

They went for a walk in Kakaako, downtown Honolulu to take some photographs with the amazing murals. It looks very colourful just like their story. The ceremony was very intimate and emotional, with just them and the ocean.

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Photographer: Alvea Studios // Venue: Tommy Bahama Restaurant

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