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Carolina Beach Engagement – Jayna & Nolan

Jayna and Nolan met in Wilmington, North Carolina whilst they were both in the coast guard. She’s from Michigan and he’s from Ohio. These two knew their love was something meant to last and Nolan proposed to Jayna after only 3 months of dating – he tells Jayna all the time that he knew from day one that she was going to be his wife.

Jayna says that she thinks that by being a military couple and having such dedication to their nation and service makes them a very unique couple. “We love each other but are not shy to leave in the middle of a date if duty calls us away. We both have a strong sense of loyalty and I think that’s something every relationship needs. When we do finally get a break from work though we love to head into the mountains and camp.”

When it came to a proposal, this happy couple went to an Airbnb in Asheville, North Carolina – an adorable cottage with an outdoor hot tub that looked over the mountains. “We went for my birthday actually and after dinner, a trail of candles led us through the cottage, outside by the hot tub, where he had dozens of balloons and a book waiting for me. I honestly thought it was a birthday gift. I open the book and flip through all of our “first” moments with pictures of things we’d done and little trinkets he had saved from then. The last page and blank except for 5 words, “this is where I propose.” I turn around and Nolan is down on one knee and popped the question. It was perfect.”

Thank you to Bluebell Photography for sharing these images with us.

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