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Charming 1920s USNA Wedding – Jordan & Josh

Her veil flutters gently behind her in the breeze. Josh stands just paces away, with his back to her, anticipating the moment he first gets to glimpse his bride. He crosses his hands in front of him and smiles nervously. When he feels her hand brush his shoulder, he turns… She is breathtaking! She smiles at him and they both feel the joy of the day wash over them. They are getting married! Taking each other’s hands, they look at each other and just breathe in this beautiful moment they have together. She adjusts his hat and he tucks a strand of hair behind her ear. Both very simple gestures, but really, very telling of their love. The US Naval chapel that they passed almost every day while in training together stands proudly behind them, almost as if it were responsible for their finding each other. Inside is the most gloriously decorated chapel. With ornate railings and staircases, vibrantly stained glass depictions and organ pipes reaching all the way to a domed ceiling, it’s no surprise that this was to be the chapel Jordan and Josh promised themselves to each other for a lifetime of happiness.

A boat sits docked on the water, flocked by thousands of people bedecked in sparkles, frills, chapeaus and feather boas. The bell sounds and everyone boards. Music swells up as the boat floats away with the chattering guests, leaving behind all semblance of the current century. Instead, everything is simpler and therefore all the more magical. Being surrounded by another era while at sea is an experience in itself. The bride and groom make their entrance as the sun sets behind them. All their friends and family join them for the dancing and fun on the top deck, while down below, others take part in a buffet meal and some choice cigar smoking. As the sun makes its descent over the glistening waves, the sounds of a Charleston rises up and Jordan and her father take the top deck for a dance of the era. Feathers and fringe fly in dazzling circles as the guests join in on the fun! The waves move along with the music adding even more bounce to the dance. Everyone is laughing and truly having the time of their life! It was the night of a lifetime and certainly one to remember.

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Photographer: Amanda MacPhee Studios // Ceremony Venue: United States Naval Academy // Reception Venue: Watermark Cruises // Cake Designer: Main & Market // Invitation Designer: Minted // Musicians: Monte Maxwell // DJ: Turn the Table Entertainment

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