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Charming Southern Wedding – Rachel & Nick

Rachel and Nick met at work and were friends first, then they started dating almost two years later. They were together for four years when he proposed on their anniversary weekend. “He had a present wrapped for me. The anniversary was on Sunday, but he asked on Friday if I wanted to open the present. I said that we should wait for the actually anniversary day. He agreed, but again on Saturday asked if I wanted to open it. I decided to wait until the next day. I honestly had no idea what was in the present. On Sunday, when he gave me the present to open it was a larger box. When first opening it, I saw that there was a candle inside. Later, he would let me know that the candle was just to add weight, so I wouldn’t know what was in the box. Next to the candle, I saw another smaller black box. I was starting to get an idea, and when I opened the smaller box, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course, I started crying and immediately said yes!”

They decided on a small intimate wedding and picked a location in Charleston that would show off the unique characters of the city, that they met and fell in love in. Rachel and Nick got married at a park by the battery in Charleston, with a beautiful gazebo. Rachel says “part of the reason that we picked this place was because of my father, who had passed away. The battery was one of his favorite spots in the city of Charleston.”

“Since the wedding was at such a beautiful location, we did minimal DIY decoration. I was lucky enough to have my friends and family help with all of the decorations and flowers for the gazebo. The colors were purple and white, and we brought that theme through the wedding with flowers and decorations.”

“The colors for the wedding were purple and white. The bridesmaids had a smaller version of the bride’s flowers, that was from a local flower shop. I let the florist know what kind of flowers and I liked, and let her be creative in the design. We had white roses for the boutonnieres.  We also had a single red rose that my mom carried as she walked me down the aisle. We did this as a symbol for my dad. We did the same thing as my sister’s wedding a few months prior, so it was a great way to show our love for him when he was no longer with us.”

“One of my favorite parts of the wedding was the horse-drawn carriage. The carriage took myself, my mother, and the flower girl from the Mills House to the wedding site. After the wedding, my husband and I took the carriage around the park, which gave us a moment to breathe and to enjoy the moment privately after the ceremony.”

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Photographer: Leigh Hayward Photography // Venue: The Mills House & White Point Gardens // Hair Stylist: Roots Salon & Lovely Hair & Makeup // Floral Designer: Sweetgrass Flowers // Transportation: Palmetto Carriage Works // Caterer: Tavern & Table


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