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Chic & Classy Engagement Session with Lots of Champagne in the Pearl District – Audrey & Hunter

Audrey and Hunter met in high school and were good friends; they always talked but never thought the other was interested! They lost touch when Audrey went to Texas A&M and Hunter moved back to Minnesota. They re-connected when Hunter was still in Minnesota but was looking to come back to Texas, and Audrey was in her first semester in optometry school in Houston. They went on their first date in San Antonio over the Christmas holidays 2013. Audrey says it was the best date they’d ever been on. Meanwhile, Hunter moved back to Texas in February 2014 and they had their second date in March of 2014 which was casual and they talked for hours. By their third date in May they had their first kiss, the fireworks blew up and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

Hunter says “each and every day I still continue to find little things about Audrey that I absolutely love about her and I know that I’m going to find more and more every day as our life goes on. Audrey has always been the one person who truly gave a damn about me and really wanted to know what was going on in my life. She is the most caring person I’ve ever met with the biggest heart and always can lighten a mood and make me laugh to the point where I can’t breathe. She helps me remember about all the important things in life and how we can’t sweat the small things. Even though I’ve had some crazy ideas Audrey has always been 100% with me and I can’t be more thankful for someone like that in my life who loves me. She is an incredible cook! She is truly THE best thing that has happened to me and I cannot wait to marry her and call her my wife. She’s everything I could ever ask for.”

And Audrey says “Hunter is the most kind, thoughtful and selfless person that I have ever met. He always puts me first, loves me hard, and makes me feel like I am a queen at all times. He never gets tired of helping me and doing small acts of kindness to make me feel special, loved or validated. He thinks of others before himself, treats everyone with respect and loves God. He is positive, encouraging, optimistic, and he’s a dreamer like me. He inspires me, challenges me, and most importantly, I feel like the BEST version of Audrey when I am with him. I know that he will be an incredible husband and father and I can’t wait to marry him!”

Thank you to Abbie Mae Photography for sharing these images with us. The perfect feature for a Friday, we’re going to crack open a bottle of bubbly!

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