Christmas Eve Proposal – Colbee & Blaine

Blaine and Colbee first met their freshman year of high school. She had just moved from Florida and was grateful for a friend like Blaine. They started dating after high school but they had known each other for four years and built their relationship off of a friendship. Blaine left for basic training soon after their first date. Most of their communications after that had to be through letters. The second he was able to return home he set the wheels in motion to propose to Colbee. When Colbee came for photos, she just thought that Blaine had gotten her a Christmas Eve photo shoot for a gift. When the photographer asked her to get an individual photo by herself, she agreed and felt super awkward. 3 seconds later, Blaine was on one knee asking Colbee to marry him. She of course, said yes and after their vows they are moving together to Texas. After that, wherever the US Army and love takes them!

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Photographer: Shelby Chante’ Photography

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