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Church wedding – Kayla & Isaac

This sweet young couple met in high school and got married as soon as they could! The bride’s dress is one of the prettiest we’ve ever seen, and the groom’s laid-back style was a match made in heaven!

Kalya and Isaac had their first date and met at Starbucks in the Summer of 2016. “Technically we knew each other in high school 1 year before that, during Isaac’s senior year and my junior year, but we never talked to each other. We would just awkwardly stare at one another from afar, both thinking that the other is super good looking, but would never notice us. So, 1 year later, Isaac messaged me on Facebook. We talked briefly, and a few days later set up a coffee date at Starbucks, and the rest is history.”

“He proposed January, of 2018 at Fountain Hills Park. The couple of months leading up to the proposal, he really planted in my brain that we wouldn’t be able to get married for two years, so it was a major surprise. I had no idea that a whole month before the proposal he had bought the ring and gotten my parents blessing. So, one day he asked me if he could take to me to a nice dinner the next night. He said it was “near Fountain Hills Park so we should hangout there a little before our reservation.” A funny side note to this though is that women’s intuition is very real because, the morning of the proposal, I randomly thought to myself, “what if he proposes tonight… haha nooo” and then went on with my day. Anyways, we wandered around at the park and watched the fountain. As we were walking around, I remember he stopped and said “you’re really pretty” and started talking and everything went a little blurry but he got down on one knee and proposed and it was very surreal so I said “are you serious?!” because it felt like a dream, and then I said yes of course! So then we walked a ways over to the opposite side of the park and I found out that he had invited my family, his family, and my best friend to be there waiting after he proposed. It was perfect.”

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Photographer: Jennifer Markle Photography // Venue: Harvest Bible Church // Floral Designer: Glitter and Pearl // Shoes: Steve Madden // Dress Store: Mariée Bridal // Bridesmaid Dresses: Bella Bridesmaids


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