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Classic Springtime Elopment – Adam & Tee

Adam and Tee met online in the summer of 2015 and things just sort of happened naturally from there. Neither of them were really expecting it to turn into what it did, and now here they are.

The “proposal” happened over brunch one Sunday in December. They were having a deep conversation about their future plans and what they wanted and, again, it just sort of happened that the conversation naturally led to them being engaged. No one got down on one knee or anything. They just agreed that this is definitely what they wanted and that they were going to make it happen. “All of this is part of the reason I said during my vows that every step of our journey has been unexpected but more than I could have expected. It works for us.”

On the wedding day, their ceremony consisted of two of their good friends officiating for them as well as their family watching from their laptop! Their friends did an amazing job and you can really see how much these two love each other. After their ceremony, they popped open a bottle of champagne and cut their delicious cake.

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Photography: Nicole Morisco Photography

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