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Coffee Shop Engagement – Amanda & Matt

While Amanda and Matt cuddled up and chatted about life, their dreams, and their plans for the wedding, Jessica Hunt Photography was able to photograph that real, genuine interaction between them. Yes, she gave them a few prompts and set up the shot, but we love how these images are so natural and so them.

After they finished their lattes, they explored a bit of Columbia South Carolina’s Five Points for a few more portraits.

Amanda says that they met online through Tinder, and in her words, “Tinder for the win! We were both new to the city and were looking for friends online, talked for awhile and decided to watch a movie. The first date was a bit awkward, or at least I thought so! But we went hiking soon after that and got caught in a rainstorm. We were both smitten after our dance in the waterfall and our mountain-side mud fight.” They talked for a long time before they decided to meet up, and thankfully even though their first date wasn’t the best it was good enough to warrant another hang out together.

“Matt and I have many common loves that make us great together. We both love to travel and love to try new things, this common love is one of the main reason we started to fall for each other.  We also love to work out together, cook together and simply relax together. We definitely push each to be the best we can, always trying to raise on another up while still praising each for where we are now. Since we both have an engineering background we often find ourselves talking about work in detail and learning about each other’s projects. It’s refreshing to be able to have a partner to take interest in the details of your life and get excited with you over something most people wouldn’t care about.”

When it came to the proposal, Matt was working overseas in Belgium for a month and he bought Amanda a plane ticket to come and visit him. “He travels a lot for his job as a project engineer for a nuclear welding company, and we spent the first day in Brussels. The next day we made a short day trip to Bruges, one of THE most romantic places in the world. We get there, and he is telling me all about the Romeo and Juliet story behind this lake of love there. We walk through the city, and I’m in awe just taking tons of photos. The city was really packed that day, and I could tell Matt was frustrated, but I didn’t know why. So at the end of the day, he asks to just sit in the garden by the lake to chill before driving. We walk over, and he gets sooooo nervous, and it hits me. Like I know what’s happening. He starts talking about the day and how much he loves travelling with me… gets down on one knee and I just immediately am down on the ground with him hugging him. I don’t think I ever smiled that big in my life; I didn’t even look at the ring or answer until he asked a second time. I thought my reaction was enough of an answer but engineers like straight talk! We drove to his hotel in Liege and celebrated with some wine. I found out later that he was frustrated all day because the spots he had planned to ask where all so crowded and he couldn’t do it when and where he had planned. But it was perfect. Just me, him, and the Lake of Love.” Amanda says that they had talked about marriage before and even looked at rings together but she had no idea that he had bought the ring already and she was surprised at the proposal! “We got the rose gold ring from Shane Co. I don’t remember the carat size but I do remember picking out the exact diamond in my ring and thinking it was absolutely perfect. Not a better ring out their for me, and not a better man out there for me.”  

Amanda says that she is beyond excited about their wedding “and we have so many great ideas. If all works out, our St. Party’s day brewery wedding will be on a string light patio with soft details. The guys will have hops in their boutonnieres and I’ll have hops in my hair instated of flowers. Once the ceremony is over the party will start. The tables at the venue will be decorated with a dip-dyed table runner and hand painted wine bottles with flowers as centrepieces. Instead of the normal cake cutting ceremony, I really want to break open a Pinata in the shape of a cake and have chocolate gold coins hidden inside. Then we plan on just dancing the night away while drinking our favourite beer.”
Thank you to Jessica Hunt Photography for sharing these images with us!

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