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Colourful Downtown LA Engagement Session – Melissa & Derek

Melissa and Derek met at work. She had been working at a company for 2 years when Derek was hired and she says that she had a crush on him immediately and refused to talk to him because she was petrified of blushing. About a year later, Derek asked her out for dinner and she said yes even though she was super nervous. He picked her up for their first date and they both had a blast! He made her feel so comfortable and they hung out until the early hours of the morning and have been together ever since.

They've been together for almost four years, and Derek proposed just after their three year anniversary.

Derek says that he knew Melissa was the one because he loves "how good of a person she is and how smart she is. It means a lot to me that no matter what, we have a good time. I also love how my family loved her immediately, especially my mother. We share the same direction in which we want to lead our lives and have the same values."

Melissa isn't sure of the exact moment she realised Derek was the one, "but he definitely isn't the type of person I had imagined I would settle down with. I'd never dated someone like him: into cars, super sporty, trash -talking. I had always thought guys like that were meat-heads, but Derek... Derek amazes me every day. He's smarter than I am, even though he doesn't think it. He's generous and thoughtful and sweet. He's the most charismatic person I've ever met and everyone who meets him loves him immediately. That's not an exaggeration! Strangers on the street say "hello!" to him all the time. I know Derek is the one because we want to raise our hypothetical children the same way and push each other to be better every single day. We are compassionate with each other, but tough when we need to be. He's not what I imagined I'd want in a partner, but he's everything I need."

For fun, they like to watch movies, watch Sunday football at their local bar, play golf and tennis, play the Jurassic Park arcade game, and go to trivia. Melissa says "honestly, we have fun doing almost anything together. I feel so lucky that I have such a goofy best friend as a life partner because we crack each other up so much and make the most mundane activities fun."

When it came to the proposal, Derek did quite a bit of research to find the perfect ring for Melissa. He knew that she liked pear-shaped diamonds so he went through and picked one which he thought she would love. He decided to propose on the Golden Gate Bridge while they were exploring San Francisco the day before Melissa graduated from her university. It was perfect... his mother was there, her mother was there, and it was a beautiful day. They had a celebratory dinner with some of her family who was also up there to see her graduate. "It was really fun! The next day, after Melissa graduated, we drove up to Napa and wine tasted with our parents. it was the perfect weekend."

Thank you to Jenna Rose Photography for sharing these images with us. We love the colourful walls in the Arts District area of this shoot and how they look at each other, almost as if it wasn't a photo shoot at all, more like they were on a date.

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