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Destination Yacht Wedding – Callie & Chris

“I love our “how we met” story. It’s long, but I’ll try to keep it short. I had just graduated college and got a job working in the same restaurant he had worked in when he was in school. He was living in a different city at the time, but was in town and came in to say hi to his old friends who were still working there. That was pretty much it. I was instantly drawn to him! We started hanging out and I was making trips every weekend to visit him. I eventually moved to the city he was living in and we broke up a few months later. Mainly because we were just living two different lifestyles at that time (I was 23, he was 30). After being broken up for almost 2 years we saw each other at a Christmas party. Both of us were dating other people then, but not for much longer. I always knew we were meant for each other, we just had to get our timing right. Thankfully it worked out the way it did! As far as the proposal goes it was exactly like our wedding- simple. We were cooking in our kitchen one evening and he got down on one knee. Just me, him, and our dog. No pictures, no expectations, just us. It was perfect, and very “him”.”

“Our wedding was a direct resemblance of my husband and I. We have friends and family who were unable to attend, but once they saw pictures they all said the same thing “that wedding was so you”. I take that as a huge compliment. It’s very easy to get wrapped up in what’s popular and on Pinterest. We wanted something that represented us- laid back, somewhere warm, on the water, and somewhat simple.”

“When I say our day was laid back and simple, I mean it! The Yacht Starship did everything – I mean everything for us! They worked directly with our florist and made things so easy for us. I sort of had an idea of what to expect as far as centerpieces and flowers go, but I gave Dorelle at Brides n Bloom a general idea of what I was going for and she delivered. The best piece of advice I got was don’t try to make this something it’s not. We were on a boat, so a nautical theme makes sense. The only thing that was DIY was our entry table. My mother in law helped spray paint some old Easter baskets white and tied ribbon around the handles.  Those held our navy koozies. We also had a small chalkboard with a welcome message. Again, nice and simple!”

“I wouldn’t say the flowers played a huge part in the overall style. We were on a  yacht, so some floral arrangements were nice but there were many other unique elements that I feel like would’ve been stifled if we had dramatic floral decor. We had small arrangements to compliment the centerpieces, and fairly small bouquets.”

“My brother in law officiated. I feel like that made it all the more special. My favorite part of the wedding was sitting at our sweetheart table, just the two of us and looking out and seeing all of our friends and family in one place. When I think about it, all of those people will never be together in one place again.”

“I was never one of those girls who dreamed of getting married and knew exactly the kind of dress she wanted to wear. When I started thinking about it there were a few things I was looking for. 1. I wanted to be comfortable and have the ability to dance 2. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on it and 3. Being on a boat I did not want any sort of train or anything that would increase my chances of falling. I really succeeded. A friend who was also planning her wedding told me about JJs House. I was very sceptical, but ordered the dress way in advance, to allow myself time to get another one if needed. I am still completely amazed by my experience. This dress came in the mail and was beautiful! Everything I wanted and it didn’t need a single alteration! I can’t say enough nice things about that website. My husband wanted something cool (temperature wise) because Florida in June can be extremely hot and humid. He opted for a pair of linen navy pants, a lightweight button down from banana republic and a bow tie from Etsy. Easy on the budget, but looked great!”

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Photographer: Sara Touchet Photography // Venue: Yacht StarShip // Dress Designer: JJ’s House // Cake Designer: Chantilly Cakes // Hair Stylist: Beauty Brought Out // Hair & Makeup: Beauty Brought Out // Invitation Designer: Paisley Paper // Floral Designer: Brides n Bloom


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