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Double Tree North Shore Wedding – Courtney & Christopher

Everything about this wedding day had a touch of the holiday spirit to it, from the forest green bridesmaid dresses to the bride’s red, green and white bouquet. The decor, including the cake, had elegant touches of Christmas as well which only made this wedding feel even more magical. The church where the ceremony took place gave a dramatic and special feel to the event with a red carpet aisle and beautiful Christmas decorations. Maybe it was the time of the year, or the fact that you couldn’t look at this couple and not smile, but there was most certainly something special about this one! 

“The magic of the Holiday Season was the inspiration for our wedding. I’ve always thought Christmas was such a beautiful, magical, romantic time. My parents were married on the same day as us (32 years prior) and also had a holiday-themed wedding.  My color palette started off with lots of red and gold, however, after realizing how many shades of red there were and that some began to clash, I decided on a gorgeous hunter green for bridesmaid dresses. Red, green and gold ended up becoming the color palette.”
“The space was decorated with many different size Christmas trees all around the venue. We had a large sleigh with cozy blankets and holiday throw pillows, which served as a lovely photo opp for our guests. Santa also made a guest appearance at cocktail hour, and guests were able to take a photo with him as well.  Our centerpieces were a DIY by my mother. They were gold branchy trees, with which she dusted with icy glitter. The trees were draped in crystals and had twinkling lights. A wreath of Christmas greens and white roses and red berries sat around each tree.”
“More than flowers, I wanted a lot of Christmas greenery and red berries. The church flowers were fairly simple. White roses and greenery. The bridal bouquet was my favorite. A mix of greens, red berries, white roses and calla lilies. The calla lilies, for me, were more of a sentimental touch than anything else. My grandmother carried them on her wedding day, and I wanted to carry on that tradition. Everything from our sweetheart table to our cake had white roses, Christmas greens, pinecones, and red berries. I guess you could say those were our primary design elements overall.”
“Our band was one of both mine and Chris’s favorite parts of our wedding. Chris and I both love live bands, so for us, getting a band was one of our top priorities. Men in Black definitely know how to play a wedding. They played all the favorites, they get everyone up dancing, they bring the bridal party up on stage to dance and sing along. They even invited some of my relatives up to play with them. We had so much fun with them, they really turned our reception into the best party ever!”
“I think many people excepted me to go for an over-the-top, eccentric look, because that’s just how I am. I like funky, unique things. But for my wedding day, I wanted a classic, vintage, old Hollywood look. For my hair and makeup, I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted big, voluminous, curls, a deep side part, pulled up on one size with a fancy brooch. That is exactly what I ended up with. Being a makeup artist, I did my own wedding makeup. I stuck to neutral shades of brown for my eyeshadow, a nice black, winged liner, and of course my favorite red lipstick… Bobbi Brown, Old Hollywood. The dress… I was set on a long sleeve dress, perhaps with some fancy beading or bling. I definitely did not want strapless. I started trying on long sleeve dressed and the more I tried them on, I found them very restricting and uncomfortable.  Finally, the dress I never imagined by Allure Bridal… gorgeous vintage-looking lace with a scalloped train, zero beading or bling, strapless, and mermaid-style. As soon as I looked in the mirror, I fell in love with the way the dress hugged my curves in all the right places. I cried in the shop and knew this was the dress. As much as I loved the dress, I couldn’t get the idea of sleeves out of my head. One of my mom’s dearest friends, Virginia, of Virginia’s Custom Bridal Gowns, took a look at my dress and decided that she could take the appliques that matched my dress and create a custom bolero jacket to go over my dress. The jacket was perhaps my favorite part of my dress, it fell slightly off the shoulders, was made perfectly to fit my body like a glove, the appliques were placed accordingly to line up perfectly with my dress underneath, and it had beautiful button detail down the center of my back.  Virginia really did the most amazingly beautiful world. I adore that jacket more than anything.
The finishing touch to my look was my grandmother’s fur stole.  It was my something borrowed, although I still haven’t given it back! It was perfect for the time of year, for my old Hollywood glam look, and it has her initials G.R. inside which was just so meaningful to me.”
“Now to the groom, Chris definitely likes the more vintage look as well, which fit perfectly into my vision.  He wanted a gray suit from the get-go, no tuxedo,  and a bow tie.  I love when he wears bow ties, so I was instantly excited.  I thought it might be fun to have a tartan plaid bow tie to fit in with the holiday theme.  It took a while to find one that I liked, but I finally found it at an Etsy shop, dolldressedup (Where I also ordered the matching bow ties and caps for the junior groomsman and ring bearer). The final touch to Chris’s look was a red velvet Ralph Lauren vest, which we stumbled upon accidentally.  Chris loves dressing up and loves to add a little funky, unique touch to his look just like I do.  While we were shoe-shopping in Macy’s one day, he eyed that vest and instantly knew that he wanted it for our wedding day.  Like I mentioned, the front was red velvet, and the print on the back was a green and brown paisley print which fell right into our color scheme, so that was the piece that ended up completing Chris’s look.”
“Chris and I met very briefly at a holiday party about five months before we started dating. We actually didn’t even make that connection until about our third date maybe. We matched on a dating app, which is not my favorite way to tell people that we met, but here in the 21st century, that’s how a lot of people meet their significant others, so I’ve learned to accept it. As it turned out we were connected in so many ways and through so many people, I think we were going to meet either way, whether it be an dating app, through friends, or just out and about.  We were inseparable right from the start of our relationship, we met each other’s  families very quickly, and we had a lot of mutual friends, which was awesome.  After 8 months, we bought a home together, at 10 months we were engaged and 10 months after that we were married.The proposal: February 13, 2016. It was one of the coldest days of the year and there was snow on the ground. It was a Saturday, and I had been out shopping, and running errands all day with my sister. She had suggested mani/pedi’s and that’s when I started to get a clue. My sister and I arrived back to my house around 5ish and as I was walking up my driveway to the back door I started to see the lights. In the freezing cold, Chris decorated all the bushes and trees in our backyard with white Christmas lights, he shoveled a path in the snow, lined by votive candles, leading to where he was standing. He had a chalkboard sign saying ” Will you marry me?” and he had the ring sitting beautifully on a pedestal. As I write this now, I remember, how beautiful and thoughtful this night truly was. Chris had some of our friends and family waiting inside the house, and more friends and family, showed up at our house throughout the night to celebrate. We love spending time with our friends and family, so to include them in the proposal meant so much to me.”
“For me, the most anticipated moment of my wedding day was walking down the aisle of Saint Anthony’s church (in Revere, MA). My grandparents were married there 66 years before me, and my parents were married there 32 years before me. My whole life, I dreamed of walking down that same aisle in my wedding dress like my mom and grandmother did before me. For me, this was such a special moment. Also, walking back down the aisle, hand-in-hand, officially as husband and wife, with all of our family and friends cheering us on was such an overwhelming, joyful moment. I don’t even think I can properly describe, how happy that moment truly was.”

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Photographer: Garone Photography // Venue: Double Tree North Shore // Cinema and Video: Bob Accettullo Films // Floral Designer: Gregory’s Flower Shop // Cake Designer: Cakes for Occasions // Dress: Virginia’s Custom Bridal Gowns & Allure Bridal // Hair Stylist: Styled by Hannah // Beauty: Makeup by Ashley Christine // Lighting: Downtown Uplighting // Band: Men in Black

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