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Downtown Engagement Session – Molly & Cole

Molly and Cole met through a mutual friend (Sara) when she was in grad school. Sara thought that they would be a good fit and invited him to their house gathering before the St. Patrick’s Day Festival in Five Points. Before the festival, Molly went to Sara’s house and Cole immediately came up to her and introduced himself. They talked about kayaking, and music as they walked down to Five Points. Cole disappeared to met up with another friend and Molly didn’t see him for the rest of the afternoon. So she very was surprised when her friend said he wanted her number and she replied no because she thought he barely talked to her. Months later during the summer, Molly was talking with her friends and sister about her love life and learned that Cole was still asking about her! She decided to go out with him, and she says she’s so glad she did. On their first date, he came to her door with beautiful flowers and he took her to see a local band. Molly is a huge music fan so she knew right away that he was special.

When it came to the proposal, they went to the Avett Brothers concert in Charlotte on New Year’s Eve with Molly’s sister, Zoe. The concert was a surprise Christmas gift! She was just excited to be with my two best friends and ring in the new year with them. During the concert, Cole was sweating up a storm and Molly asked him if he was alright and that maybe he should take off his coat but he refused to take it off which she thought was strange! She was shocked when he proposed after the concert and they enjoyed desert at Amelie’s because she loves chocolate and coffee! He told her later that he was nervous and hot but couldn’t take off his coat because he had the ring in his pocket!

Thank you to Jessica Hunt Photography for sharing these images with us.

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