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Eco-Friendly Wedding – Megan & Ryan

Megan and Ryan planned an eco-friendly wedding at Rust Manor House, surrounded by their friends, family, and pup, Mina. It rained on and off through their entire wedding day, but they didn’t let that stop them from having the outdoor ceremony they wanted! As the guests all made their way to the courtyard with umbrellas, the rain stopped for a few minutes, just in time to let their ceremony proceed without anyone getting wet!

These two love the outdoors, and it was very important for them to make their wedding as sustainable as possible. Megan found her bouquet on Etsy, and it was made of sola wood flowers – created from tree bark shavings. Their invitations were an all-in-one, basically the invitation, RSVP and envelope in one card (the invitation folds into an envelope). Additionally, they did their Save the Dates online and posted all of the details of the wedding events on their website (to save paper). Their centrepieces and place cards were all living plants, to be taken home by their guests at the end of the night with the intention of continuing to grow at home. And their wedding rings were made of recycled gold and conflict-free diamonds.

They met on a dating app called Bumble (where the woman takes the lead and chooses guys to be in her “hive”). Megan says “we both liked each other, so obviously we found each other attractive. Then we started talking and realized we grew up just 10 minutes from each other and went to rival high schools. So we decided we should meet and if all else at least we could talk about the old neighbourhood. Well, the first date was at Rocket Bar playing pool, and that was the beginning of it all! Each anniversary we continue the tradition with a friendly, competitive game of pool.”

“Having similar interest and values is what makes us click. We both like to be healthy, take care of our minds, spirit and bodies. Being active is an important part of our lives, Ryan being a Kettlebell instructor has introduced me to kettlebells and I love to hike and climb and have introduced him to these. We love being outside so any opportunity we can take to walk the dog, hike or just picnic outside. Ryan is slowly coming to like wineries, though I am still working on that with him! We both love Star Wars, which will have some light in our wedding reception i.e. photo booth, cake topper, stickers. We have an appreciation for X-Men, the comics, cartoon (we both grew up on) and the movies. Ryan probably loves Hugh Jackman as Logan just as much as I do, though for different reasons…..;) He has introduced me to the Marvel characters and I have him to Lord of the Rings series. Most of all we love animals! If we could rescue them all we would. After the wedding we will adopt another dog and get Mina a sister. She is a spoiled only child now, so hopefully, the transition will go smoothly. After that who knows, maybe another one!”

At their 6-month anniversary dinner, they knew they were meant to be. “I remember driving to the restaurant talking to a friend about how I saw the relationship progressing. Ryan lived in Alexandria, VA and I lived in Silver Spring MD, so eventually one of us would have to move and how would this change our life style, work, etc.? What is the right time to discuss something so serious, though was important for our relationship to progress? She suggested I wait and not have this type of conversation over our dinner celebration, though of course, I couldn’t hold back. I asked the question and had prepared myself for an uncomfortable discussion, though Ryan’s response was so mature, calm and thoughtful, that he had already thought it through and was ready to make the plunge. I had worked myself up, with all the anxiety and in one moment it was gone and felt so natural. From then, we could have difficult conversations and I could trust our relationship would be alright. I had friends tell me after many of dating mishaps, that when its right it will just feel so natural, no drama, no anxiety and that is what I always feel with Ryan.” 

“I knew after our first trip together to Portland, which was about 4 months after we started dating. We were going out there to celebrate the marriage of one of my childhood friends. Megan had never been to Portland and I wanted her to meet my best friends. They instantly loved her, especially my friend’s mom, and she could hang with my crew no problem. It was really easy to travel together, which got me thinking about what it would be like to go on more adventures together and see where life takes us as a couple.”

When asked about their proposal story Megan said “we both are way too practical for surprises, so sorry no exciting stories on engagement. Though, before we moved in together, we had discussed that we would not do it unless we both felt that marriage was in our future. In time, we started discussing getting another dog, when we wanted to get married, what would that look like for us, how much would it cost, what was our budget, etc… We both wanted to do a fall wedding and outside, so we decided to do some research in costs and venues. We started calling and visiting places and we were surprised that even a year out, most places were already booked! Then we knew we had to start getting the process rolling if we wanted to do it how we wanted. Of course, seeing Rust Manor and meeting with the coordinators sealed the deal! I know boring, practical story, though it works!”

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Photographer: Megan Rei Photography // Venue: Rust Manor House // Event Planner: Events by Stace // Beauty: Creative Hair and Makeup Design by Perry Warren // DJ: DJ Luccio // Floral Designer: Twinbrook Floral Design // Cake Designer: Fluffy Thoughts Cakes // Dress Store: David’s Bridal // Invitation Designer: Minted // Ring Designer: Brilliant Earth // Other: K-9 Lifesavers Dog Rescue

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