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Elegant black tie elopement in Paris with ceremony at the Eiffel Tower – Chris & Raul

Chris and Raul meet the old fashion way. It was November 15th, 1997. “I (Raul) decided to go and check out a club I had never been to. I walked around for a bit and there he was across the room. A young blond haired, blue eye guy named Chris. He was wearing khaki pants, a t-shirt and a flannel shirt wrapped around his waist. We didn’t have the chance to officially meet because all of Chris’ friends were around and we both left the club thinking we would never see each other again.Two days later we both went back to the same club, not knowing each of us was also going to be there. This time we made sure to exchange phone number so that we would meet again.”

Raul says that he knew that they were meant for each other when they first kissed. “We had gone out – it was our 3rd encounter (as friends, I didn’t know how Chris felt about me yet). We were dancing but there was something different when a particular song starting playing – the song was, “Forever Young”. As the first verse of the song began our eyes had locked and like magic we kissed and that was the moment for me.”
Chris says that for him it was on their first weekend they had gone out of town together. “As we were driving back home I realized we weren’t going to be together and he was going to go home alone – I was sad and upset, I worked up the courage and asked Raul to come home with me and stay with me and he said yes. For some odd reason that was the moment I knew I was in love with this person.”

They didn’t really have an official proposal, it was through conversation more than anything. They say that it doesn’t sound romantic but the more they talked about it the more excited they got and, like anything they do, it’s always “US” so it wasn’t like any unexpected surprise. Getting married after 20 years together solidified that they just want to secure more time with each other, that they are planning for more years of commitment and devotion with each other. “To me (Chris) I feel that marriage is extra special if two people are excited about being married after being together for so long. Through it all ?I wouldn’t trade Raul for the world!”

When it came to their elopement they wanted something very private, very one-on-one. “And we knew we wanted to have Paris as the backdrop. I really felt that after all these years together and through the good and bad, this would be our very final and special step of our union together. By choosing Paris as our destination, we were able to travel once again to the city were we took our first vacation together 18 years earlier. Oour favorite part of our wedding day was running around throughout Paris in our tuxedos with the photographer and his team – I loved watching Chris look so happy. We were like kids running through the city of Paris. It was amazing!”

“Fights happen due to differences of opinions and approaches. From dealing with the rings to photographers, what were we wearing, officiant, how to get around while abroad and so on. It can be difficult picking the right photographer. We wanted someone who’s work felt professional yet comfortable. We understand people can have open minds but photography (for us) has to have a very unique feel and yet not forced – same-sex weddings, after all, is somewhat of a new world for a lot of professionals. It’s hard to explain but Chris and I deal with print photography a lot as part of our professions so we were very particular in this area.
Wedding planning is learning process as you go and it was a fun one. We were confronted with so many details that we would have overlooked without the help of Laura, our Officiant.”

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Photography: Paris Photographer Pierre // Venue: Eiffel Tower // Officiant: The Paris Officiant // Makeup Artist: Remake Agency // Jewellery: Brilliant Earth // Groomsman Attire: The Black Tux

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