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Elegant Tropical Christmas Brunch

The inspiration for this shoot came from a 5-year-old who simply couldn’t contain his excitement waiting on snow for Christmas. He had watched all the Christmas movies and read all the books and it was going to be so much fun to sledge down the big hill at his favourite park. But there was one problem: he lives in Panama City where it doesn’t snow. His mum was determined to show him that Christmas in the tropics was just as much fun and among many other things, she decided that their annual Christmas Day brunch would be distinctly tropical in theme and menu!

Trying to find decor that didn’t have some kind of snow or wintery reference was REALLY hard, even in the tropics. Ilyana, of Ilysium Inc, ended up in DIY mode and created a tropical wreath, tropical foliage installations, Christmas bow garlands – and tried to give a natural, elegant, tropical vibe minus Santa in Bermuda shorts.

“I loved how everything turned out! We enjoyed our fresh pineapple, classic Christmas fruit muffins,  churro flavoured marshmallows, with spiced Mexican hot chocolate, Ron Ponche (a traditional milky rum punch found in abundance only during the holiday season) and the creme de la creme: shrimp tacos because Christmas 2018 fell on taco Tuesday after all! My two boys enjoyed non-boozy versions of those drinks btw!”

The menu was filled with quick-eats because on Christmas morning, as any family with young kids would know, food is the last thing the kids want to be dealing with.

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Elegant Tropical Christmas Brunch

Photographer: Ilysium Inc // DIY Materials: G de P Panama // Tableware & Linens: Muy Mucho Panama // Silk Foliage: Stevens Panama

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