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Elm Creek Park romantic engagement – Dana & John

Dana and John met on Tinder. John was new to Minneapolis and was trying to meet people, and Dana’s friend convinced her to download the app for fun. John had been having bad luck on Tinder and decided to go on two more dates before giving up on the app. John and Dana both swiped right (meaning they were then able to message each other on the app). They scheduled a date, but Dana came down with the flu and cancelled the date. Meanwhile, John went on a date with another girl and had a nice time… but when the girl said her roommate was sick with the flu, John became suspicious. It was discovered that the girl John went on a date with was Dana’s roommate. John had a nice time with her roommate and decided he should no longer go on a date with Dana, so he sent her a message telling her this. When things didn’t work out with her roommate, John decided to ask Dana out again. Thankfully she decided to give him a chance and the rest is history!

This happy couple is always laughing when they’re together. John has a unique sense of humor that not many people always understand, but it keeps things fun and interesting. They enjoy trying new restaurants, playing board games and spending time with their families. They also enjoy a little friendly competition during the football season because John is a big Packer’s fan and Dana grew up cheering for the Vikings.

Dana says that she knew John was the one “when he proved that he was able to hold interesting conversations and continued to make me laugh each time we hung out. John is a caring person who will continuously go out of his way to show me how much I mean to him. We also have a lot of the same values and are motivated to be our best selves. We have been through some challenging times together and have seen each other at our worst, but we have demonstrated that we will stick with each other no matter what.”

When it came to the proposal, John and Dana were going to Madison, Wisconsin to celebrate Christmas with his family. “On the way, we stopped in Wisconsin Dells to spend a night at his Dad’s cabin. When we arrived, there was a large gift wrapped in gold wrapping paper and a big gold ribbon. It was labelled with both of our names. John said that his Dad and Penny must have left it for us. I was very confused because we were going to celebrate Christmas with them the next day. I asked John if we should bring the package to Madison with us and open it with them. John said no, we should open it that night. I continued to ask if we should call his dad and ask him if we should open it. John again said no, we should open it that night. So I agreed. Before we opened the gift, we went to get dinner. When we returned to the cabin, John was excited to open the gift, so we sat on the couch and began to unwrap it. When we opened the box, there was another box inside, again wrapped in gold paper. Inside that box, there was another and another. When I got to the smallest package, John stopped me and said: “before you open this, I have a confession to make: this is all from me and I have a poem that I wrote to read to you.” John read the poem to me and at the last line, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. With tears of joy streaming down my face, I said yes! Little did I know, the day before while I was at work, John drove all the way to The Dells, set up the gift, then drove to my parent’s house to have dinner with them and ask them for my hand in marriage!”

“John and I never looked at rings together because I wanted the whole proposal to be a surprise. I did not want to know that he bought a ring or even that he was thinking about buying a ring. I never sent him pictures of rings that I liked. I wanted it to be something that he picked out for me. He did a great job picking out a very sparkly ring with a halo around the centre diamond and a diamond band!”

Thank you to Lauren Baker Photography for sharing these lovely autumnal images with us.

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