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Rainy day engagement shoot – Kathryn & Steve

Kathryn and Steve knew each other throughout school in their small Connecticut town, but it wasn’t until Kathryn’s friend broke the girl code and told Steve that she had a crush on him, that they started dating. This cute couple has a mutual love for Harry Potter, they know just the right thing to say to make each other laugh, and their sweet home is filled with warmth and world’s cutest pets – we love this engagement shoot!

Kathryn was determined to have a spring outdoor photoshoot, but every time they tried it poured! Finally on the third reschedule, it still poured, but they managed to get beautiful images at a local farm who let them use their greenhouse! Thank you to Kelly F. Peterson Photography for sharing these images which just prove how stunning a shoot can be even if it’s raining outside!

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  1. Jame

    August 17th, 2017 at 6:37 pm

    Awesome post.

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