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Garden Heights Engagement – Anna & David

We love this little getting together story because it seems so relatable! Anna said, “We met at work at Northeast Methodist Hospital. I was working as a nurse and he was working as security. As usual, we always had the one aggressive patient, this time an elderly man who was known for becoming violent with nurses. I called a “code green” for security and back up since this particular time this patient had refused to get out of the bathroom, insisted I had broken into his home, and began yelling threats. In walks David who distracts me but helps me get this patient back in bed and calmer. Flirted a little here and there, but I refused to go out with him because we worked together (keep it professional, this is not Grey’s Anatomy). We distanced ourselves for a while, but then met at a party outside of work, and we both knew something was there. We started dating back in 2014 and soon realised how well our quirks worked together.”

“As far as our engagement, David planned to go to my favorite little Indian restaurant, but it was so busy. The noise level, the amount of people there that day and the overall ambiance were not amenable to any romantic gesture that night. He was antsy, but I thought it was just the crowd. When we got in the car we just started talking about marriage, and out of nowhere, “so, you wanna be my wife?”. A normal girl reaction is surprise, and possibly happy crying. I punched his arm, “For real? Seriously though? Now? Wait, what?”. Once I realised what happened I verbalised a yes forced through this smile I could not wipe off my face. Between Indian food leftovers and the steering wheel, we just sat in the car, just happy.”

“As far as the engagement session experience… Well I was so nervous. This is the first official, like, photographic documentation of our intent to marry, which will go out to family, friends and be part of our story forever. Add to that a couple of hyper puppies and it was the perfect formula for nerves. David was nervous too, even if he didn’t admit it. I could tell by how awkwardly he was smiling. The time for the shoot flew by, and I hardly remember any of it, but the result was more than gratifying. I feel proud to send these pictures out and mark the beginning of wedding adventures. Yay!”

Beautiful photography by Angelic Edge Photography.

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