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Airplane Styled Engagement Session – Brianna & Jim

One of Brianna’s friends and one of Jim’s friends had just started dating and they ended up going on a double date together. “Ever since that night we haven’t stopped seeing each other and everything has been so easy. I always heard people say “when you know, you know” and now that makes sense. I knew when I met him he was the one.”

“Jim called all our friends a few days before he proposed and told them the plan and that he was going to ask me to marry him. He did talk to my parents of course before proposing. He arranged for two of our girl friends to take me to get my nails done (which was not unusual because we always go get them done). After that, we went shopping and then we headed back to Cochran. I came to his house to spend the rest of the day with Jim and we were supposed to eat with his parents for dinner(that’s what he told me at least). That afternoon we went flying and that was also not unusual because he had told me earlier that week that a guy he knew said we could fly his plane anytime. So we went flying and as we were about to fly over the airport Jim said I love you so much but I have one thing to ask you and he nodded his head for me to look over my shoulder. When I looked there was a banner being held by all our family and friends that said, “Will you marry me?””

When it came to the engagement session, Brianna said, “Pinterest gave me tons of ideas and reading advice also helped. Some of the advice included being corny to get those good candids and to be yourself in front of the camera. Also, I think the clothing you choose to wear should reflect who you are and should show your personality.”

Thank you to Kanella Photography for sharing these lovely images with us.

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