Engagement Shoots

A Baseball Themed Engagment – Thanh & Nicholas

Thanh and Nicholas met in autumn 2009 in statistics class. Nick found a seat in class in the back row, and the professor posted a survey question on the board and asked the class to answer. Pulling out his iClicker, Nick went to answer the question but soon realised that his clicker had run out of power. Turning to his right, he tapped on his neighbour’s shoulder; as she turned to face him, he saw how beautiful she was and immediately turned nervous and shy. “This is embarrassing,” he said, pointing to his iClicker, “but I forgot to put new batteries in my clicker. Would you happen to have a spare?”. Thanh laughed and said “No, sorry! I’m also out of batteries.” Turning to her right, she asked to share another classmate’s clicker between the three of them. Luckily for Nick, his answers impressed her and she invited him to join her statistics class team for an assignment.

Teamwork turned into talking, then talking turned into a coffee date in the rain, and their first date turned into a second, and the rest is history!

From the groom: “For this engagement session, we wanted to show off our fun side and something that we both enjoy which is baseball. We love getting outside in the summer under the sun, throwing the ball around and swinging the bat. It is my favourite sport and one that Thanh has learned to play and love as well. Every year, as often as we can, we go down to the ballpark and cheer on the Blue Jays.”

Thank you to The Right Moments Photography for sharing this fun photo shoot with us!

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