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Snowy Engagement where he Proposed – Marlee & Michael

Michael proposed to Marlee at his family cabin in Truckee, California. “I responded with a face full of tears and jokingly said, “I’ll think about it”.

Our love story started out far from romantic, we did not see each other across a crowded room and have sparks fly. In fact, we didn’t even see each other for about a month after “meeting”.

Let me explain….

A mutual friend of ours put us in a group text message with each other and wrote some long awkward message about how we would be great together. I was not interested, and I believed I just replied with the “straight face” Emoji.

Michael sent me a message about an hour later saying how awkward that text was, and we passed back some very casual, friendly texts. Flash forward a couple weeks later, we were texting all day long, with me still not knowing what he looked like. So I decided to do some social media searching (not sure why I didn’t do it weeks prior).

I found him…. Oh boy did I find him. His profile photo was this goofy redhead wearing a purple Polo shirt, and cargo shorts. I’m a heavily tattooed, dark-haired, far from “polo shirt type of girl”. Not to mention, I’m a single mom, and this guy’s photos look like he was really living the bachelor life. What had I got myself into?

A couple weeks later we met. I drove down to the bay area where he worked as a Firefighter. We had a good 3 hour distance between us, and as I drove down there I had no idea how this would ever work or what I was even doing. Within 7 months, we bought a house together in El Dorado Hills. Seven months after that we took a little weekend trip to his family cabin in Truckee. When we got there, Michael was outside setting up a Go Pro, telling me how he’s going to catch the bear on camera that keeps coming into the yard.

Growing up in the mountains, I rolled my eyes at this city boy and was making jokes about how stupid this was. He asked if I could walk over so that he could make sure the camera was positioned right. I did, and just as I was saying “this is stupid, I want to go inside”, I turned around and he was down on his one knee, holding out a box with the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen. His eyes were filled with tears and he was shaking a little bit. He got out the words “Will you marry me?” and I sarcastically said “I’ll think about it”.

We were married 4 months later. We are now 8 months pregnant and expecting a little boy in December. I’ve never been so thankful for a text message.”

Thank you to Jennifer Lourie Photography for sharing this engagement session with us.

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