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Evergreen Island Wedding – Brittany & Chris

Brittany and Chris celebrated their wedding day under the shade of towering trees in the summer sunshine, surrounded by their loved ones. Their soft grey, blush pink and white wedding was full of love and laughter. Their son, Cooper, was their ring bearer and spent the night dancing away with his parents. They had a stunning cupcake display, a giant Jenga guest book and a hilarious moment of smashing cake in each other’s face- showing their moments of love and laughter over and over again throughout their big day. 

Brittany says that they met because “one of my really good friend’s and co-workers is his cousin. I had recently dated a few guys and had decided that I just wanted my friends to fix me up with someone they thought I would like. My friends know me well and I trust them. I was saying this to another mutual friend that I wanted them to fix me up and she laughed and said: “Alex had been trying to fix you up with her cousin for a while but didn’t know how to tell you.” I was dumbfounded. Just a couple weeks earlier I was supposed to meet her and some other people (including Chris) for a movie and got caught at work really late. I approached Alex and she set up a big group dinner. We then went back to Alex and Chris’s house and played games for hours. Chris and I were the only non-couple and we dominated. At the end of the night, he asked for my number. Alex teased him over and over that we’d get married. Chris had a previous marriage that didn’t end well so he never thought so.We knew it was forever pretty early on, but the timing was never right to get married. About 2 years into our relationship we decided to have a baby and so we had Cooper. Fast forward 5 years and we’re in Chico visiting my sister. Alex had texted saying she was coming to town for a birthday party and asked if she could stop by.  Almost as soon as she got there Chris went upstairs which I thought was rude. Alex, my sister, and I were talking and I noticed her hands were shaking, she told me she wasn’t feeling great. We started talking about weddings and rings, she was showing me one online that she liked and I said I didn’t think Chris and I would ever get married. Chris finally came downstairs and asked what we were talking about and I said rings. We had looked at rings before so when he said: “what do you think of this one?” I looked at his phone and then realized he had a very sparkly diamond ring in his hands. He then asked if I would marry him to which I had a less than ladylike response. I was in total shock and couldn’t believe he’d managed to keep everything a secret. Alex was the only one who knows and she had filmed the whole thing. He proposed where we met for the first time with the person who introduced us and my family there. It was perfect.”

When it came to wedding planning Brittany and Chris had colours picked out right away and the decor and theme evolved from there. They wanted simple and things that really felt like them. They even hand punched and handmade every paper flower for the centrepieces. They started with light pink and grey and eventually incorporated a lot of white as well. The venue was so beautiful with all of the greenery that they didn’t want to have too much, they simply wanted all of their guests to have fun, be comfortable, and have great food.

When Brittany was dress shopping, she had no idea what she wanted in a dress, she just knew that she liked lace. “My bridesmaids all love. 3.5-5 hours north of me so when I was visiting for Thanksgiving I made an appointment at David’s Bridal just so I could try things on with them knowing that I probably wouldn’t have them with me when I actually bought the dress. I had chosen a few styles online (Becuase I prepare for everything), even a couple that were way out of my price range. I tried on my first dress which they all loved, but I didn’t. The second dress was the one that was about $800 out of my price range so of course, I fell in love with it. I knew I couldn’t afford it so tried on one more and immediately went back to the previous one. It made my waist look skinny my boobs look perky and it had pockets. I have a history of buying dresses and skirts with pockets. I was freaking out that I was going to have to get a second job to pay for the dress, but knew deep down it was the one and I wouldn’t be happy with anything else. They had a payment plan so I knew I could make it work. I went and changed back and came out to pay when the sales lady almost started crying and asked if they had told me and when I asked what I was told that my sister had paid for my dress and that my best friend has paid for my veil. There were so many tears and I felt like I had fairy godmothers.My dress was a sleeveless plunge v neck ball gown. It was ivory lace with some beading accents. The lace pattern reminds me of leaves and flowers, it’s a bigger pattern. Chris really had free reign, which none of my friends really beloved because I’m a little bit of a control freak, but I really wanted him to be comfortable and wear what he felt good in. We have a friend who works in the suit business and relied heavily on his opinions. Chris looked at patterns and colours and chose what he wanted. He decided on a medium grey suit with a white shirt, a white on white patterned tie, and pink suspenders which were the one thing Thayer a Chris really wanted. It was only after the wedding that I told him he reminded me of the Easter Bunny without his coat on. He chose brown dress shoes (well he told me what he wanted and I found them because I’m a better shopper). When he had his whole outfit he was trying it on and I caught him dancing in the hallway, he loved the way he looked and felt.”

Brittany says that to make their special day more personal, almost everything was DIY! “And emphasis on the Y because our bridal party all lived 5 hours away. We hand punched and made flower balls that we put in mason jars that we had chalk painted grey. We also made a ton of other paper flowers and glued them to a votive holder with flameless candles to add some light to the tables once it got dark. I’m an English teacher and wanted to incorporate some quotes that I loved so we bought antique frames and attached them to wood we also chalk painted grey and wrote our quotes on. We wanted a fun way to display the awesome things we made so we bought a bunch of crates and painted them white.”

“We didn’t want a ton of flowers because of the garden setting of the venue. I wanted baby’s breath to help fill in the centrepieces. We went through a company called Kukka Flowers for our bridal party flowers. They just send you the stems and you arrange them as you like. Some of the flowers didn’t make it (the company was awesome and took care of it) so we made our bouquets the way we liked. We had so many extra flowers we sort of sprinkled them throughout.”

“Even though it wasn’t executed too fantastically, we created the entire playlist for the day, for every event we had a song that we felt was perfect for that moment. We also wrote the ceremony together which was an awesome experience, it said exactly what we wanted it to. The words we exchanged were ours and we meant them from the bottom of our hearts. My absolutely favourite part of the day was the first look. I couldn’t get Chris to turn around at first and the moment he did there was nothing but the love we had for each other. It was a completely unique and incredible moment that we both will cherish forever. Having my bridesmaids help me dress was also super special. They all love me so much and at that moment they were all so happy for me. (PS you captured those moments so incredibly well!)I had a couple small personalized things. I had taken one of Chris’s army name tags and attached it inside my dress so him to find later. He had seen my pink garter that I kept, but when he took the one off to throw it was a Miami Dolphins one that he loved.”

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Photographer: Someplace Images // Venue: Evergreen Island // Shoes: Betsey Johnson // Dress Store: David’s Bridal

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