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Family-Farm Wedding – Lindsey & Aaron

This beautifully rustic, family-farm wedding joined Lindsey (first daughter of football player and former University of Georgia head football coach Ray Goff) and Aaron, who also coaches football now on a high school level.

Players and uniform ushered while humorous game day memorabilia added to the decor, but the true theme came together in swathes of sunflowers, handmade backyard games, and good ol’ Southern barbecue and sweet tea – the exquisite details being lovingly prepared by family and friends.

The day was marked with many joyful tears and a sense of real old-fashioned innocence and celebration. Best of all, at “you may now kiss your bride,” Lindsey and Aaron shared their very first kiss… EVER! They then “made up for lost time,” enjoying many more kisses and playful fun in their portraits around the farm’s scenic locations.

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Photography: Blume Photography LLC // Cake Designer: Take the Cake Athens

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  1. Ueki

    April 21st, 2018 at 6:39 pm

    This has to be the happiest couple on planet Earth!

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