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Feldberger Seenlandschaft German Wedding – Cate & Jan

Cate is from England, and Jan is from Germany, and they now live in Australia. This lovely British-German couple flew across oceans all the way to Feldberger Seenlandschaft in Mecklenburgische Seenplatte, Germany. It’s a stunning Lake District and it looks absolutely amazing – it’s so picturesque that otters have made their home in the Feldberg lakes!

The happy couple stayed with Jan’s parents and started the wedding celebrations a few days before the big day – a typical tradition for German weddings.

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Cate and Jan effectively had two ceremonies – there was a legal ceremony which was held in the registry office, and then they went on to have a “blessing ceremony” up on a hill. Although it was the middle of June, it rained on the wedding day – thankfully the photographs all look fantastic and the whole wedding party looks unphased by the weather!

This German wedding looks like so much fun, there were celebrations with German Traditions galore. The log cutting seen in the photos is a tradition which symbolises the couple working together; the idea is that when they come out of the ceremony, there’s a log placed on a sawhorse and the couple have to saw through it; if they successfully cut the log, then they can successfully deal with life’s problems together. They did manage to cut through the log with no trouble so we think it’s safe to say they’ll stay happily married for a very long time.

When we were having a nosey online we saw that there’s also a game where the couple hammer nails into a piece of wood to see who can do it the fastest – we have no idea why but if anybody knows the reason behind this particular German wedding tradition then we would love to know! Get in touch and enlighten us or leave a comment below so that others readers can find out too!

Once they’d sawed through the log together Cate and Jan went to the top of a hill for their blessing ceremony and another German wedding tradition was part of the day, this one involved a large sheet of fabric with a heart drawn on it. This sheet was put in front of the newly wed couple and they had to cut the heart out to pass through.  In order to enhance the challenge, the couple are usually given a very small pair of scissors to symbolise overcoming challenges in their new union. Typically, the husband then carries his new wife through the heart – and Jan did just that with Cate!

We love that the same pattern from the sheet was on their order of service – a lovely little touch. This order of service was written in both English and German, and they asked that nobody take photographs during the ceremony – so these professional images are just that little bit more magical.

We really loved being able to feature these photographs by Jay Emme Photography because not only are the images beautiful, but we also got to look into German wedding traditions, and add Feldberger Seenlandschaft to our bucket lists to see those stunning views!

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  1. Jay Emme

    May 17th, 2017 at 12:02 pm

    Yeay – thank you so much for featuring this very lovely couple and their brilliant wedding! It was SUCH a fun weekend. Also, congratulations on the launch of your lovely new blog! xx

  2. Jade

    May 17th, 2017 at 5:46 pm

    Thank you Jay! We love these photos so much. I WILL visit Feldberger Seenlandschaft one day!

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