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First look advice from a photographer

I was scrolling through Instagram late one night and I came across an awesome bit of advice from Stephanie Weber Photography which I really wanted to share with my lovely Let’s Bee Together readers. It helps that the photographer who shared this advice is super talented, so this post is both helpful and super pretty to look at!
“Are you unsure if you want to do a first look on your wedding day? There is a lot of pressure in making this decision. But just know that whichever you choose, you can make it special and true to you.
This is a perfect time to spend together. To spend it with no distractions, no wedding talk, and with no one around but you two. This is also a wonderful time to share vows, and words that you only want to keep between you two. And for those who want to keep that element of surprise when you see each other for the first time down the aisle, then I love to divide my couples by a wall, a door- in a way where you can hold hands, but not see each other. You can use this time as you please, share a few words, read a letter to each other, pray and just soak up a moment together before you say ‘I do’.

His & her vow books are a beautiful addition to your wedding day and a perfect way to read those memorable words you have waited to share with your loved one. Especially for those couples who are more reserved and prefer their vows to remain private.”
You can check out one of Stephanies styled shoots here and we’ll hopefully be seeing more from her in the future because her style of photography is something that dreams are made of!
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