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Fonatine Estates Winery wedding – Courtney & Rodrigo

As told by Courtney, “when your boyfriend suggests an impromptu weekend trip to Seattle and you have recently found an engagement ring in your apartment, it is a natural response to be suspicious that it might actually be “The Weekend.” Rogi and I had planned out the whole weekend prior to our arrival: Pikes Place, the Gum Wall, the Space Needle, and walking the waterfront, etc. We were staying in Issaquah so rather than driving we decided to take the bus into Seattle. Our first stop was Pikes Place. We shopped around for a little while, walked around the waterfront and eventually started to head towards the Space Needle. Somehow, we chose the hottest weekend of the year to go to Seattle.We walked from the waterfront all the way to the Space Needle. I was thinking, it didn’t matter that it was 100+ degrees out, I was about to get engaged once we made it to the top so I was going to keep trekking up those downtown hills! We finally arrived at the Space Needle and I kid you not, Rogi looked up and said, “Well here it is! Ready to leave?” I was in shock! I kept asking him, “We really aren’t going up to the top?!” “You made me walk all the way up here and we aren’t going to the top?” I was not hiding my disappointment very well. I was so sure that Rogi was going to overcome his fear of heights and propose at the Space Needle. We looked up at it from the ground for a few minutes and then headed back towards the waterfront. I was having a really hard time hiding my slight disappointment but I was trying, contrary to what Rogi might say! We were walking to the restaurant, so I thought, but we ended up at Myrtle Edwards Park. Still mourning the missed opportunity of what could have been Rogi’s proposal, I sat on a bench looking toward the water. Rogi had wandered around the corner and I hadn’t realized that I was supposed to follow. I sat on the bench by myself for probably about 5 minutes before I called him and asked where he had went. He told me to come around the corner and when I did, I definitely wasn’t thinking I was about to get engaged. However, to my surprise, really, I am that oblivious, Rogi took out a ring, got down on one knee and gave the cutest speech I have ever heard and then asked me to be his wife! It was perfect! Not only did I get the perfect proposal, and the perfect ring, I got the perfect guy and I am truly marrying my best friend! As told by Rogi: I had been planning on purposing to Courtney for a few months and trying to figure out the time and place was extremely hard for me. People know that my creativity to surprise someone is not the best, not because I cannot pull off a surprise, but I tend to somehow spill the beans and my surprise is no longer one. My hope was to catch Courtney off guard where she had no idea that I would ask her to marry me, I wanted to propose in a way she would remember forever. With that being said, I decided I would take her to Seattle to visit Pikes Place as well as the Space Needle. Courtney Loves to be on the move and see things she is not used to seeing every day. I had a full day planned for us and I thought the Space Needle would be the perfect place for me to pop the question. However, when we walked to the Space Needle I realized how tall this building was and I am not a big fan of heights, so I just looked up at the Space Needle and mentioned how tall that building was and she gave me a strange look like and told me, “we walked all this way to just look at the Space Needle”? my response was, “um, yeah”. I felt like a loser because I hadn’t face my fear of heights. So now, I was in a pickle, I had to improvise because I still wanted to pop the question to Courtney. Having the burden of holding onto the ring and not being able to give it to her was killing me inside, also having a ring in its box made my shorts look weird. After the Space Needle, I had a great idea of going down to the boardwalk. However, after all the walking Courtney was starting to complain on how much walking we were doing. I had to reassure her that it would be worth it because we will get dinner on me. Courtney loves food; if I ever need a favor, I can always bribe her with food. Anyway, once we got down to the boardwalk, I saw Myrtle Edward Park as a great opportunity to ask Courtney if she wanted to marry me. Once we arrived to the park, I was trying to get Courtney to follow me to the sand where it looked over the Pacific Ocean, but she was too comfortable sitting on the bench. I had to ask her about 4 times that she should come and check out this great view I had. She finally came over and looked at the great view she had, that’s where I grabbed her hand and held them and told her how I felt about her and that I love her. Shortly after, I bent my knee and asked her to marry me. I was so nervous and my speech was getting a little shaky because I have been planning this moment for so long. She said yes! The look on her face spoke a thousand words, she was so happy she had tears in her eyes. When you get your significant other to shed tears of joy, you know you’re doing something right. I was so happy that my plan worked as well as her accepting me as her future husband. I also treated her to Red Robin afterward.”

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Fonatine Estates Winery wedding – Courtney & Rodrigo

Photography: Lessie Blue Photography // Venue: Fonatine Estates Winery // Makeup: Courtney Carter Artistry // Dress Store: David’s Bridal // Cake Designer: Shirley’s Cakes

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