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Fontainebleau Inn Wedding – Sarah & Dan

Sarah and Dan met on the first day of college during freshman year in English class when he was 17 and she was 18. Dan says that she boasted confidence, ready to tackle the world. “She was beautiful and full of energy. Whether or not its true, I feel like we were the first ones in the room, we made eye contact, smiled, and forever sat across from each other just so we could make eye contact every class.”

When it came to the proposal, Dan says that because Sarah hates her birthday, he wanted to do something special, that would always be a memory (of what he would hope was one of her best birthdays ever) to make her feel special. “I’ve known for a long time that I loved her and I wanted to be with her for forever. I talked her into a birthday dinner at our favourite restaurant. I knew full well what was going to happen and explained it to the waitress. We were the only two there, and in front of the Christmas tree (which was a necessary photo opportunity), I asked the love of my love to spend the rest of her life with me.”

This happy couple got married at Fontainebleau Inn in Alpine, New York. Everything about their wedding day was so perfectly them – they paid attention to every detail and personalised everything! You can see their love for their pets, their football team (Packers!), and all things gold and sparkly.

They had their first look and wedding party photographs taken nearby at  a stunning waterfall. Dan’s father has passed away, and after pictures had been taken, he spread some of his ashes over the waterfall – a touching and emotional moment for the whole family.

Sarah and Dan wanted to have an outdoor ceremony regardless of the weather, so they came prepared with blankets, scarves, and mittens to keep all of their guests warm! Their ceremony site was beautiful and overlooked the water, and the setting sun hit the leaves perfectly to give them a golden glow. Sarah gifted Dan the Packers’ Super Bowl rings earlier that day – he put them all on and showed them off to her when she was walking down the aisle!

Sarah is super crafty, and pretty much everything you see is DIY! She did all of the flowers and centrepieces herself, as well as the signage and place cards. Her sister owns a bakery, so she made everything on their extensive dessert table!

They both love the fall and the beautiful scenery. “Everything we did was unique, and totally us. Gameday appetisers like potato skins and pierogies to pizza and wings for dinner, to a grooms cake of Lambeau field, GO PACK GO, the entire day was us, filled with laughter and dancing.”

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Photographer: Megan Rei Photography // Venue: Fontainebleau Inn // Bakery: Frosted // Makeup Artist: Toria Serviss // Hair Stylist: Alison Sileo Hair // DJ: Sound Decision Mobile DJ // Caterer: Sweet-N-Saucy Catering // Cinema & Video: Cavellier Cinema

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