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For the Love of a Sunrise and Coffee – Taylor & Russell

Taylor and Russell went to high school together and though they hung out with the same circle of friends, it wasn’t until their Junior year when they hung out at a homecoming after party that they were finally on each other’s radar. They love being silly, cooking, and drinking coffee together. 

Soon after the homecoming, they had their first date where they made Japanese food from scratch at Russell’s house. It must have been a great date because six years later cooking together, it’s still one of their favourite activities to do together. Post high school, Russell and Taylor both went to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga where they continued enjoying each other’s goofiness, shamelessly watching cute animal videos together, and also earning their degrees. Back in Knoxville, TN, they are pursuing their professional careers and looking forward to a life together. Still, “forever” was not offically on the schedule until this past November when Russell proposed to Taylor.

“It was Friday, November 3rd. He planned the whole night (which is something he never does; I am always the date planner, haha).  He planned a weekend back in Chattanooga (my favorite city), to stay with our friends. So after we got off work, he picked me up from my house and we listened to our favorite Frank Sinatra music the whole drive there.  He already made plans to go to our favorite Chattanooga restaurant, Tony’s. Since it was a 35 minute, we went across the street to Rembrandt’s coffee shop, which is a Chattanooga favorite. I got a cappuccino, he got a caramel macchiato, and we just chatted about our day. Once we got into Tony’s, we were seated in a dark area outside which is something we usually would have been fine with. Looking back I now realize that Russell wanted to make it more special so he asked to be seated inside where there was music and nice lighting. We ate, drank delicious wine, debated our food, and went for walk on the walking bridge. He sat down next to me on one of the benches and we talked for a bit. THEN, he ask me to marry him. 

I said, “YES, you want to love me forever?!”

Of course, loving Taylor forever is exactly what Russell wanted so now they are planning the remaining details of their wedding. For Taylor and Russell’s engagement session, they went to a field to experience a sunrise together and snuggled for just a little while. They ended the session at another coffee shop (this one is a Knoxville fave) where they enjoyed warm drinks, donuts and great conversation.

Thank you to Shutter Sprite Photography for sharing these romantic engagement photos with us.

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