Freezing Cold April Anniversary Session – Angela & Matthew

Angela and Matthew decided for a late April anniversary photo shoot and were expecting sunny skies, blossomed trees and a pretty dress, but instead, they had zero degrees! They did have the beautiful blossoms though and so they decided to take advantage of that and go out anyway. It was threatening rain but they only had a little bit of drizzle, so they pulled out a sweet bubble umbrella for a few shots and got in some pretty perfect frames.

This happily married couple met when they were both 20, in line outside of a bar. Angela was with her girlfriends and Matthew was meeting a group of his friends inside. He bought all of them a drink and thanked them for keeping him company. They later connected on Facebook and met up again at the same place. They danced all night and he asked for her number. Very soon after that, they had their ‘real first date’ at the cutest little Italian place and he soon after asked her ‘very shyly’ to be his girlfriend. 

A while into their relationship Matthew surprised Angela at work when she was on her lunch and he came in with a bouquet of flowers. When he handed them to her, the card read ‘Will you Marry Me?’ and when she looked back up, he was on one knee and holding the ring.

They both say that their wedding day was amazing! They still talk about how much fun they had, 6.5 years later. Everything was perfect, from the weather to the party afterwards! 

Thank you to Amy Sue Brant – Portrait Artistry for sharing these floral anniversary images with us.

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