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Fun Winery Wedding – Jennifer & Doug

Doug and Jennifer’s story began, like most cheesy romantic comedies, in their young and inexperienced days. Fifteen years ago, Doug, fresh from transferring to the University of Maryland bumped into Jenn on campus. Although they had met two years prior at Thai Boxing, they had not conversed much. In this large new setting, however, a familiar face was a welcome sight that sparked a friendship. It wasn’t long until that friendship turned into more, but that was not destined to last. Fast forward over a decade of rare and random, cordial but distant, run-ins, Doug started work at a new company. Much like college, the company campus was large and spanned multiple buildings. Unknown to both of them, Jenn had started working at the same company just four months prior. On his first day, Doug, in a moment of serendipity, bumped into Jenn in the cafeteria. Jenn normally brought her lunch every day, so her cafeteria visit was out of the ordinary. Neither of them had any idea of how significant that run-in would become. Over the next year, a deeper friendship than before was cultivated from multiple casual coffee conversations and lunch get-togethers. Both Jenn and Doug’s life experiences had led them down very different paths but somehow shaped them into adults that perfectly complemented each other. Of course, they still didn’t know this, even after multiple group hang-outs and catch-up chats. Finally, neither had anything to do one day in July 2016 and decided to hang out on their own for the first time in years. Two weeks later, they were a couple.

Jennifer and Doug got married on a hot summers day at Mountain Run Winery in Culpeper, Virginia. The threat of an afternoon thunderstorm almost ruined their plans for an outdoor ceremony, but thankfully the rain held off until afterwards. These two were still all smiles even when the storm came – they just popped open their umbrellas and made the best of it. They planned their whole wedding in just two months, so we’re not surprised that they know how to remain calm in stressful situations!

“After finding our perfect vineyard setting that had their own sweeping white curtain reception barn decoration, that drove the white and natural/wood/twine portion of the colour scheme. We found nice blue bottles that we decorated ourselves with burlap ribbon, faux white sprigs, and crystal numbering for a pretty yet low-maintenance centrepiece/table number combination and got a sweeping white voile fabric similar to the barn curtain fabric to drape our ceremony site.”

“Although we didn’t have a specific theme colour scheme in mind when we started planning, we knew that we wanted something comfortable and that matched our personalities: easy-going, adventurous, and outdoors. The colour scheme and wood/twine theme just naturally came together as we looked for DIY decoration materials and chose our venue. As for cultural traditions, we had a classic white wedding dress but incorporated the traditional red Chinese wedding colour in a non-traditional way in the form of a red reception dress that was fun, light, and could withstand dancing all night in the summer heat.”

Jennifer changed into the beautiful red reception dress, and right after their grand entrance, a rainbow appeared over the reception barn! After a couple more posed portraits with the rainbow, they then spent the rest of the night getting crazy on the dance floor with all of their family and friends.

When it came to their attire for the day, Jennifer says that she liked the classic v-neck wedding dress look and had a mermaid-like style in mind but was surprised to find that the majority of dress styles available were strapless. “The dress I ended up loving was the only one and was too small for me but my mom took a look, said she could adjust it and offered to sew in a corset back. I loved having the family touch added to it. The dress was too heavy to wear all day for an outdoor wedding in the summer though. Luckily, I also fell in love with a bridesmaid dress that was light, flowy, and available in red (the traditional Chinese wedding color).  For makeup, I wanted a look that would be great in photos and in person, that could withstand the heat and sweating, but that also still left me looking like myself. After a couple of makeup trials that looked nice but that I didn’t feel comfortable with, I decided to watch hours and hours of YouTube wedding day makeup tutorials and do my makeup myself. For my hair, I took a chance with the hairstylist that has been cutting my hair since I was 18, made an appointment for a normal haircut appointment and styling the morning of the wedding, showed a few pictures of simple half-up do’s I liked, and hoped for the best. I figured if I didn’t like it, I was fine with washing it out and doing a simple look myself. Luckily it worked out really well, held all day, AND all night. All in all, the theme of choosing my wedding day look was luck.”

Doug based his suit choice off of the requirement that they had for all the groomsmen at the wedding to wear a darkish blue coloured jacket with grey pants. “Because it was an outdoor wedding, and I tend to overheat fairly quickly, I looked at cobalt blue suits in a variety of lightweight materials – linen, wool, blends, etc), and ultimately landed on a slim-fitting wool suit that felt light and looked great.”

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Photographer: Megan Rei Photography // Venue: Mountain Run Winery // Tuxedo & Mens Attire: Men’s Wearhouse // Dress Store: David’s Bridal // DJ: DJ Luccio // Equipment Rentals: Sammy’s Rentals // Cake Designer: Dolcery Desserts // Caterer: Pepper’s Grill

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