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Garden Engagement Session – Betsy & Jonathan

Betsy and Jonathan have known each other since they were thirteen years old, where they had art together in 8th grade. But they really didn’t “meet” until the following year as freshmen in high school. They’ve been friends for a long time!

Betsy says that their relationship is special “because we have an admiration of each other as people. I have always been so captivated by Jonathan has never let peer pressure phase him, and he has always been impressed with my self-motivation to do anything I set my mind to. That admiration grew into a friendship that over the years has morphed into us know each other better than we know ourselves at times. Because of that, we feel totally comfortable pushing each other to do things that sometimes scare us or we’re too hesitant to do on our own.  We most value spending our time together with our dog, Ollie, whether that’s going for a hike or just cuddling with him on our couch. We’re also huge foodies, and love trying new local places!”

“I remember thinking to myself about two months into dating him that he might be the one, when having learned that my idol is Betty White, he bought me a DVD collection of some of her older work. He hadn’t been looking for it at all. He was just passing the $5 bin at Walmart and saw “Life with Elizabeth” staring my true golden girl, and had thought of me. That’s love. As for knowing for sure “he’s the one”? To me that sort of feeling cant be captured in a single moment. It’s in all the perfectly imperfect moments we spent together that over time I just came to realize “I can’t imagine spending the rest of my life without him”.”

When it came to the proposal, Jonathan and Betsy are die-hard Gator football fans, so he knew she really wanted to go back for a game in the fall because she missed the atmosphere of their college stadium so badly. “We decided together on a trip to go to the LSU game with a couple of my best friends from college. The plan was that they were going to come up from Miami to Jacksonville, which is where we met and went to high school together, so that we could go out to catch up and have some friend time alone before the next day. Since the drive was far, I was going to grab drinks with a close family friend before they got there to let Jonathan have some alone time with his family. Little did I know that was all part of the proposal plan! When Lisa came to pick me up, I thought we were just on our way to a restaurant, but she instead unexpectedly pulled over off the side of the road and handed me an envelope. It was in Jonathan’s handwriting, and simply said “Clue 1”. From there it’s all a blur because I was blubbering like an idiot, but he sent me on a scavenger hunt to places that were significant to our relationship. At each clue destination, he surprised me further by having his family there from Georgia, my family from the Tampa area, and three of my best friends, including the two who were supposed to be meeting me later that evening, waiting with envelopes that all led me to the beach where he first told me he loved me. It was perfect weather at the perfect time (sunset) with the perfect company, and seeing him standing there smiling was all just so surreal. He bent down on one knee in the sand, and asked me by far the easiest question I’ve ever been asked in my life. He had planned this elaborate proposal months in advance with the help of all of our friends and family to keep it a complete surprise for me, and made it even better with a pre-planned reservation at one of my favorite restaurants with all my favorite people there to celebrate with us. Literally the perfect day, I sometimes think that even our wedding day won’t top it!!”

This happy couple is getting married in March of next year, so a lot of the big planning is already underway and taken care of. “Getting started, though? 100% one of the most overwhelming experiences of my life. I was never one of those girls to have a dream vision in mind of her wedding day, so everything was new to me, and there were so many options! Thankfully, Jonathan and my mom and my friends have all been huge supports, especially since we’re planning this as a destination wedding in Florida. The one idea I am most excited about incorporating is my love of movies subtly into the decorations and guest book. I want to keep the details private to surprise my guests with, though :)”

Thank you to Megan Rei Photography for sharing these photos with us.

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