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Garden Utopian Escape

This styled shoot team took this engagement shoot from ‘elegant and sterile’ to ‘poetic and playful’ by creating a concept inspired by romanticism, known for celebrating nature, beauty, and imagination. Mead Botanical Garden in Winter Park, Florida became the backdrop for a scenic session accompanied by unconstrained nature, ancient trees, and beautiful gardens.

The model groom warmed up the date with a picnic session where they sipped on tea and indulged on floral waffle cones and a blossomed cake. As the afternoon unfolded, the couple roamed around nature freely and stumbled upon a scenic pond that features utter beauty and tranquillity. Even though the journey was already full of beautiful and exciting moments, the moment got even more perfect as soon as he invited her to take the royal seat on the rattan ‘Peacock Chair’. This was the moment of truth; the moment where they both felt an eerie sense of calm and saw the fantastic future they would spend together. No speech was necessary. Once she said yes, he put the ring on, and she suddenly began to bloom with radiating excitement and joy. Unexpectedly, shimmering bubbles floated in the air indicating celebration and enjoyment as they burst them in search for freedom.  

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Photographer: Yanitza Ninett Photography // Venue: Mead Botanical Garden // Creative Direction & Planning: Endlessly Lush // Floral Designer: Ever After Vintage Weddings // Makeup Artist: Rachel Amadea // Calligrapher: Inkpush Co


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